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Smack right between the Cheeks


The 76ers fired head coach Maurice “I ain’t so rosy” Cheeks this past Saturday. The lackluster Philly squad had lost 8 of their last 10 with a record of 9-14 under Cheeks so the blame goes to the coach. I understand the technique is widely used to shake things up and inspire the uninspired (Elton and friends, in this case)  because they didn’t produce. Now, the big name free agent pickup hasn’t meshed well with this team and is averaging a career low in points (15.9), while his counterparts haven’t established an offensive game plan to work with Brand. At the end of last season, I was a little worried for my hometown C’s to maybe be contested in the east by someone other than “Clap the powder” Lebron and Co. Iguodala was flying high in the transition game as well as in the playoffs, pushing Detroit to the limit with Miller managing games well enough to be a threat. This year, the team is dealing with a new offensive presence down low and, in turn, learning a new offense. This could be the reason for the struggles, but this is another case of “rid the coach, right the ship.” They pulled the trigger on Cheeks way too early in the season, setting them back even further than before. In the past few years, they’ve started slow and put it together down the season, but the front office couldn’t wait. Tony Dileo took over as head coach and came out to boos from Philly fans Saturday night, but he did pull off a W. Maybe traitor Brand just needed another fresh start.

Cheeks was the 5th coach fired this season along with the Randy Wittman from the Twolves.W hen Minnesota fired him, you could hear Pitino screaming, “Larry Bird ain’t walking through that door, Kevin Mchale ain’t walking!” Wait a second here. Maybe Pitino was wrong. Only time will tell. Philly can only hope Dileo brings back 76er pride or else they’ll be waiting for Sir Charles to come stomping through.


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