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Forza Italia???


Now that's what Italian Soccer is all about!

According to the Daily Mail, a Serie C player only known as ‘Victory’ claims to have had sexual relations with at least 12 of Italy’s most famous footballers. He also says the players paid for sex and he waited for them after the games in hotel rooms and even changing rooms. “They just want to relax and they don’t have any problems kissing me on the mouth. But they are all terrified of being found out.” Victory goes on to say that the footballers (soccer) players are bisexual but are usually married and just scared of coming out of the closet due to the fear of how the supporters would treat them.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being gay but if you’ve ever watched an Italian League Soccer match these fans are ferocious. Fans of Roma have killed in support of their side and I can’t even imagine what a gay player coming out of the closet would turn into. But let’s get serious; no Italian players are getting favored by ‘Victory’. This has to be a French publicity stunt to steer the Italians off the championship path. Italy would hate to see another scandal in Italian soccer affect the way the league is viewed by countries all over the world. Let’s just remember what Zidane did in the 06’ World Cup and forget this nonsense. So Forza Italia, Zidane’s the devil and manga pasta!!!


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A Christmas Card, from Andre Johnson

Happy Holidays, from Andre!


It’s the holiday season and while I’ve been busy spreading holiday cheer in Houston, I wanted to update everyone with what’s going on in my life and wish you’ all Happy Holidays on behalf of the Texans.  Also, a special shout out to all my Hurricanes out there in Miami…what what!!!

Some people would say that I have played like a stud this year, but I wouldn’t refer to myself that way. I’m way too humble. In a league where my colleagues were embarrassing the wide receiver position with their trouble making antics and selfish attitudes, I just did my thag. We still have half a month left of regular season to play; yet thus far I’ve reeled in 103 receptions for 1400 yards. Competing in an incredible conference this year (AFC) I was able to step my game up and tried hard to keep my boys in the running. We could potentially end the season with a 9-7 record, but we will be hard pressed to make the playoffs.  Although I am disappointed, progression as a team is what I strive for the most, and I am thoroughly happy with our advancement. Our team was blessed with the arrival of rookie sensation, Steve Slaton, who added a lot to the offense. His threatening presence in the backfield with 1,100 yards/ 8TDs (through week 15), made opposing defenses respect the run and, furthermore, gave me the opportunity to get open downfield. Also, I must give credit to where credit is due. Kevin Walter, my “brotha from anotha motha,” tormented opposing D’s with 57 receptions and 850 yards. This helped our team tremendously as we posted the 4th most offensive yards in the NFL.

A great honor came, this year, when published some very kind words about me:

“While the league has been plagued with selfish personalities of Plaxico ‘have gun will travel’ Burress,  Anquan  ‘trade me’ Boldin, or the (always) volatile and emotional T.O., Andre Johnson is a giant of a man who takes the blame for his mess ups, but deflects credit for achievements to others.”  Wow! Thanks for the kind words, guys!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, I have some great news! This week my teammate Mario Williams and I booked tickets to Hawaii for February.  We are headed to the Aloha State with the intentions of sharpening our skills in body boarding, chowing down on some fresh Mahi Mahi and creating some havoc in the 2008 Pro Bowl.

The Andre Johnson Foundation, which I started in ’03, had two wildly successful events this year, one of which we donated approx. 1,000 bicycles to children from low income, single parent homes in the Houston and Miami areas.

My last two games will be at Oakland and at home vs. Chicago. If you have me on your fantasy team, I think I can produce for you. Their pass defenses are sharp, but have allowed 195 and 233 AYPG respectively. I know that my good friend , and sports blogger, STATDRAGON highly recommends starting me.

It is my great wish that all of you enjoy the best of holidays and have a happy and safe New Year.



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Joe Paterno Just Won’t Go

Coaching Til 90?

Coaching Til 90?

Penn State extended Joe Paterno’s contract for another three years for some odd reason.  If Joe Pa fulfills the contract he will have spent 62 years on Penn State’s staff and an amazing 46 years as head coach.  That’s all fine and dandy if you’re into lore and legend, but the FlyMaster is about reality.  Sure, Paterno’s record speaks for itself and his impact on college football cannot be denied, but are we really to believe that a man in his mid-eighties is in the prime of his coaching career?  Look around your office.  If your boss went to elementary school with Moses and Methusalah would you really think the business was in the best hands? 

The problem Penn State faces is understandable.  Nobody wants to be the guy who denied Joe Pa leaving on his own terms, but extending his contract wasn’t the answer.   The team has won 40 games over the past 4 seasons, which is completely respectable.  Once again, is the future of your program secure in the hands of a man who’s been in control since the Johnson Administration? 

The decision to extend Joe Pa, coupled with Florida State’s continual support of Bobby Bowden brings up another troubling trend in college football.   When the 2009 season kicks off there will be almost as many octegenarian coaches (2) as there are African-American coaches (3).  That is ridiculously inappropriate and unacceptable.  Once again, I’m all for giving everyone the right to work, but when a disproportionate percentage of players are African-American there should be a higher number of coaches, athletic directors, and staff members.  Again, remind me…how many 80 year old players are there on the field.  Oh yeah…none.

Back to Joe Pa.  We complain when players hold on to long, ie Michael Jordan and any boxer, but we won’t say no to a coach who holds on to long?  When will the public say, “ok Joe thanks, but enough is enough”?  Will it be when Joe Pa and Bobby B meet on the field riding their Rascal Scooters after a game is finished?  Will it be when Joe Pa’s halftime speeches refer to “The Great War” and the brilliance Jim Thorpe displayed when they lined up against each other.  Will it be when he gets doused in Metamucil and ovaltine after defeating Ohio State.  When will the end come?  Obviously, Penn State doesn’t see the end anywhere in the near future.  Good luck Joe Pa.

FlyMaster Signing Off…For Now!

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Bailout Brett

Brett's Broadway act good enough for Pro Bowl

Brett's Broadway act good enough for Pro Bowl

In good ole’ New England we had our first little storm that brought chaos to a morning commute. As if this is the first time New Englanders have driven in the snow and it leaves me late for work, yelling in bumper to bumper traffic and listening to sports radio. So if I wasn’t raging enough, I hear that Brett Favre, the Arctic legend made the Pro Bowl this year. His stats; 21 Tds, 17 Ints, 3,052 yard with a 6 TD effort against Arizona that was simply a stat boosting New York Yahoo justification party. Now in no way do the Jets deserve to be atop the AFC East and in no way does Brett deserve any responsible for their victories. Last week would’ve been highlighted with New York papers full of a mopey faced Brett crying his way to retirement but the defense bailed him out. Jones and Leon Washington have bailed the offense out and with 1 TD in his last three; Favre has sucked. The guy has lost his accuracy, can’t move around in the pocket and is still throwing up more Hail Mary’s than a teenage choir boy who just stole the church collection. I’m not going to get all homer on you and say Matt Cassel deserves the nod to the pro bowl over him(which he does) but there were a couple guys who meant more to their team’s success than the Wrangler man.

Even though I hate both these guys, stats for Rivers and the comeback of Pennington are both more impressive than Favre.

P.Rivers -276 -427 -64.6 -3515 -28 -11 -101.4
Penning -273- 412 -66.3 -3218 -14 -6 -95.1
B.Favre -305 -451 -67.6 -3052 -21 -17 -86.5

Another bail out in America and for Favre fans…now go cry and retire again cause I’m expecting a nice 3 INT day vs Miami to seal those playoff hopes.

I ain’t mad, I’m just Ragin!


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Phoenix Suns Hollar at Mike D’Antoni

Mike DAntoni

Mike D'Antoni

New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni recently visited the Phoenix Suns in an emotionally charged game for both him and the city of Phoenix. D’Antoni was the head coach for the Suns for four seasons before abruptly leaving them after a philosophical dispute with General Manager Steve Kerr – Does anyone know what this was about?

Though D’Antoni left on an awkward note, his love for the fans and vice-versa remained in the arena. It was the first time Phoenix fans were able to cheer for and say goodbye to Mike D’Antoni properly. The Suns clinched the victory in the end and gave D’Antoni something to think about. Or did they? With all the changes being made on Phoenix, I’m not sure if D’Antoni cares to think about them much.

  • Terry Porter has taken over as head coach
  • Jason Richardson has replaced both Raja Bell and Boris Diaw
  • Steve Nash is still pissed about the trade and feels traded
  • Shaquille O’Neal is the BIG engine that couldn’t

With all this and more going on – The Suns can’t compete on the level the Celtics, Lakers and Cavs can. I love watching the Suns…Or did for the last few seasons. But their game has slowed down and so has their ability to make it through the playoffs. They do great during regular seasons, but then choke when it counts.

On a purely business standpoint, D’Antoni shouldn’t go back to the Suns. There would have to be serious changes made before he considered it.

Skrybe – Keep it Fly

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