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Sir Charles Arrested Before Receiving Oral Sex

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley

Hall of Famer and 11-time All Star, Charles Barkley was arrested last Wednesday for suspicion of driving under the influence. Lt. Eric Shuhandler, who handled Barkley’s arrest, stated he originally pulled him over because Barkley ran a stop sign. Later Lt. Shuhandler stated that Barkley reeked of alcohol and thus the arrest was made.

According to reports Barkley was on his way for late night pleasure – And by this I don’t mean slapping on some Right Guard and commentating on basketball. Barkley stated he was picking up a girl around the corner so she could perform oral sex on him. Apparently it’s the best he’s ever received. It’s no wonder D-Wade isn’t making his Fav. 5. Somebody hack into his phone and give me her number. She must be mind blowing if he’s willing to openly admit it while getting busted for driving under the influence.

To add to his stupidity, Barkley offered to tattoo a cop’s name on his @$ if he could get off the hook. Why would anyone want their name tattooed on Barkley’s ass of all people? Did he really think it was going to help solve his problems? Sorry buddy, you won’t ever become governor of Alabama at this rate. You have to be elected into office first, then you can get caught for getting head and it may not matter. Also, why is he driving a 2005 Infiniti? Isn’t he ballin’ enough to have upgraded by now? Next time your car is on the news, make sure its nice.

Skrybe – Keep it Fly

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Oh Canada!

We stand on guard for thee!

We stand on guard for thee!

With the NHL All-star starter votes tallied and presented to the media, only four teams were represented in both the Eastern and the Western Conferences (Montreal, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Anaheim). The Montreal Canadiens have taken four of the six starting spots and just so happen to be hosting the All Star game. Something fishy is going on but kudos to the Canadiens fans who got their votes in. They accomplished this by texting and clicking all day and night, locking in their home town starters. With the ability to vote as often as they like, 15 million votes were cast by text message, while 34 million were done over the internet. Maybe there’s a better way to approach this voting process. How about a percentage of fan voting is counted while the rest goes to the players and coaches in order to allow a better representation of the “Best” players in the league? Does it not seem ridiculous that the NHL has the same voting process as American Idol? To new fans watching at home, this kind of lopsided display doesn’t steer hockey in the right direction in my eyes. I actually influenced 30 Universities in the Boston area to vote Brian Scalabrine as a starter in the NBA all-star vote last year. We were about 2 million votes short of a ginger starter!

I’m not protesting any foul play or saying Montreal rigged the starter voting. I mean, it’s a special Centennial season for the Habs and they are hosts of the game. I would never assume such a thing from the fans in an arena that reminds me of the Russian arena in Rocky IV. Men in suits, hostile fans but they are loyal. So loyal as to vote in one Carey Price as your starting goaltender whose stats don’t equate to some of the best eastern conference tenders. Kovalev with 9 goals and 28 pts all season, was voted a starter all because he is the captain of the Canadiens. It’s a nice gesture to have these players start the game and I do understand that it was the fans who voted them in. If I wanted Ovechkin to start this game; the reigning MVP and 2nd in the NHL in goals, I probably should have rocked the vote. It just seems a little ridiculous that the Canadiens are playing the Chicago Ducks for the first shift of this game…but that’s hockey. Canada is the kingdom of hockey and their fans are making it an all-star game to remember. I’ll tune in at about the 17-minute mark to miss the pre game festivities and to catch at least one Bruin hopefully making it on the second shift. I hope they don’t control the bench players voting as well because I have a feeling that only one national anthem would be sung.

I ain’t mad, I’m just Ragin!


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How Do You Fire A Nice Guy?

Good Guy With Mediocre Results

Good Guy With Mediocre Results

After losing to the San Diego Chargers on wildcard Saturday the Indianapolis Colts face a big dilemma.  The dilemma is plain and simple; how do the Colts divorce themselves from Coach Tony Dungy without looking like the bad guy.  Dungy has been a good coach for Indy for seven years.  I say “good coach” because four times in seven years the Colts have been bounced out of the playoffs in their first game.  Twice the Colts were boat-raced by the Patriots, and once they won the Super Bowl.  With a collection of potential Hall of Famers and perhaps the best quarterback of all-time, winning one Super Bowl in seven years is in no other terms, a failure.  Winning twelve regular season games six years in a row is a good accomplishment, but if you go out and lose in week 18 the luster on that accomplishment is tarnished. 

The problem the Colts face is delicate.  Tony Dungy is the embodiment of midwest values.  He’s a devote Christian who is very active with youth in the Indy area.  He’s shown his fallibility by dealing with the death of his son publicly.   He’s also a very hard working dedicated coach.  However, look back at his years at Tampa.  He turned the team around, but it was Jon Gruden who took them to the Super Bowl.  In Indy, Dungy inherited a playoff team that was primed for multiple Super Bowl runs.  What was Dungy supposed to bring to Indy?  Defensive intensity is the answer.  Now answer honestly, how dominant has Indy’s defense been in the past seven years?  Not so much.  Consider Dungy’s coaching nemesis across the field on Saturday night.  Norv Turner has been the media whipping boy wherever he’s been, but what’s Turner’s record in the past two Decembers/Januarys?  12-1.  Dungy’s is not nearly that good, but again he gets a pass because he’s such a good guy.  And therein lies the problem.  Because the NFL is filled with sordid characters and borderline tyrannical coaches, Dungy’s humble positive nature has been overly-celebrated which clouds his mediocrity.  If the roles were reversed, Turner would be facing immediate firing if his team stunk it up on Saturday.  No doubt about that.  The time has come for the Colts to respectfully remove Dungy, but in true Dungy form look for him to remove himself. 

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