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Oh Canada!

We stand on guard for thee!

We stand on guard for thee!

With the NHL All-star starter votes tallied and presented to the media, only four teams were represented in both the Eastern and the Western Conferences (Montreal, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Anaheim). The Montreal Canadiens have taken four of the six starting spots and just so happen to be hosting the All Star game. Something fishy is going on but kudos to the Canadiens fans who got their votes in. They accomplished this by texting and clicking all day and night, locking in their home town starters. With the ability to vote as often as they like, 15 million votes were cast by text message, while 34 million were done over the internet. Maybe there’s a better way to approach this voting process. How about a percentage of fan voting is counted while the rest goes to the players and coaches in order to allow a better representation of the “Best” players in the league? Does it not seem ridiculous that the NHL has the same voting process as American Idol? To new fans watching at home, this kind of lopsided display doesn’t steer hockey in the right direction in my eyes. I actually influenced 30 Universities in the Boston area to vote Brian Scalabrine as a starter in the NBA all-star vote last year. We were about 2 million votes short of a ginger starter!

I’m not protesting any foul play or saying Montreal rigged the starter voting. I mean, it’s a special Centennial season for the Habs and they are hosts of the game. I would never assume such a thing from the fans in an arena that reminds me of the Russian arena in Rocky IV. Men in suits, hostile fans but they are loyal. So loyal as to vote in one Carey Price as your starting goaltender whose stats don’t equate to some of the best eastern conference tenders. Kovalev with 9 goals and 28 pts all season, was voted a starter all because he is the captain of the Canadiens. It’s a nice gesture to have these players start the game and I do understand that it was the fans who voted them in. If I wanted Ovechkin to start this game; the reigning MVP and 2nd in the NHL in goals, I probably should have rocked the vote. It just seems a little ridiculous that the Canadiens are playing the Chicago Ducks for the first shift of this game…but that’s hockey. Canada is the kingdom of hockey and their fans are making it an all-star game to remember. I’ll tune in at about the 17-minute mark to miss the pre game festivities and to catch at least one Bruin hopefully making it on the second shift. I hope they don’t control the bench players voting as well because I have a feeling that only one national anthem would be sung.

I ain’t mad, I’m just Ragin!


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  1. Yeah, you’re right about All-Star voting — see Yao Ming. Also, they always try to prop up the hometown “hero(es)” by feeding them everything to get the MVP.

    Comment by Straight Cash | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Unfortunately for us Americans, we were too focused on the NFL playoff picture to even think about the All-Star game. Players should defninitely have some sort of a say in the voting process.

    Comment by Rickay | January 5, 2009 | Reply

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