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NFL Predictions, Part 1

1.  If Baltimore beats the Titans, I think they’re a lock for the Superbowl.

Ed Reed

Ed Reed

I don’t want to make too much of this–afterall, as great as Flacco has played this season, he is still a rookie and prone to “rookie mistakes”–but the Ravens are the scariest team in the NFL.  We could be witnessing a team that channels the 2007 Giants–a squad that gets hot at the right time and rides a strong defensive wave (coupled with a good showing by their young quarterback) all the way to the Superbowl.

It’s not as if the Ravens haven’t been to the Superbowl before on the back on their defense.  But this year, their offense is actually showing up.  And that’s very scary.

2.  The Steelers will Dominate the San Diego Chargers on Sunday

I don’t forsee this being a game similar in vein to when these two teams met earlier in the year.  I think Sproles will inject some speed and creativity into the offense, getting lots of YAC on screen passes in particular.  But I expect that Pittsburgh defense to be in full force.  I think they will shut down the running attack and blitz Rivers until he throws up the white flag of surrender.  As good as Phiilip Rivers has been this season, I expect to see Polamalu to get a turnover and return it for a touchdown.

3.  Tony Dungy Will Retire

By early next week, we should hear whether Dungy will retire or come back to the Colts in 2009.  I think he’s completely done.  Dungy has stated before that football isn’t his only passion, and one would think that such a serene man would like to spend more time with his family.  With Jim Caldwell already lined up to replace him, Dungy will step aside and finally let someone else run the show in Indianapolis.  Soon after the season ends, Favre will follow Dungy into the sunset, as well.

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Anything is Possible?

Celtics struggling

Celtics struggling

I’m not going to do what everybody wants me to do and just FREAK OUT! No, I’ll keep my cool and even though the Celtics have lost 6 of 8 games against inferior teams on back-to-back nights, it will all be OK. Anyone? I mean if it’s possible for the Real World to break yet another barrier and have a Transgender person (?!?) in a house with now 8 strangers, anything is possible. If Led Zeppelin can go on tour without Robert Plant and still possibly call themselves Led Zeppelin, anything is possible. If an 8-8 team can make the playoffs over an 11-5 team in the NFL, sadly, anything is possible.

The Celtics appear to have transformed into that mediocre, inconsistent team that was pre-big three. Maybe the fatigue from the other teams bringing their playoff-like mentality to every match up has drained their energy. The Celtics don’t appear to be attacking well and turnovers continue to be a problem as they are now ranked last in the league. But this team revolves around defense and currently is not getting the job done. Against a hurt Rockets team, some simple errors of running below screens to missing box-outs were happening all night. It’s back to fundamentals for the Celtics and that starts with tightening up that defense and creating turnovers. They can possibly consider bringing up their rookies from the D-League to add a much-needed spark. Any change to the current form will be good. No reason for Lakers fans to get excited, the chart below shows such trends tend to happen to teams with extended win streaks like the Celtics had this season.

Longest Win Streaks In League History (*won NBA title)
Year Team Wins Following the Streak
1971-72 Lakers* 33 Lost 4 of 6
2007-08 Rockets 22 Lost 5 of 8
1970-71 Bucks* 20 Lost 5 of 6
2008-09 Celtics 19 Lost 6 of 8
1999-00 Lakers* 19 Won 11 of 12

With an All-star break soon approaching, I will not be voting for any Celtics players to allow them to rest up for the second half of the season. A big game on Friday night versus Lebron and the Cavaliers will give a good indication of what this team is capable of. Worst case, they will exploit exactly what Boston needs to improve on. They were coasting through the regular season at this time last year but maybe this season’s challenge will provide another test of grit for this weathered team. I won’t mention the playoffs or a repeat but then again, anything is possible!


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BCS Title Game Pick? Florida and the Over

That's a cool lookin' Caimain in a Cashmere

That is one cool lookin' *ss Caiman in a Cashmere

The Florida Gators will roll to another national title in a high-scoring affair over the Oklahoma Sooners in the BCS championship game. Take them to the bank as a 3.5 point favorite, and if you’re feeling lucky, parlay it with the over at 70 total points.

This Chris Brown will be dancing solo

This Chris Brown will be dancing solo

The game showcases two dynamic offenses with the Sooners averaging 54.0 (#1) and the Gators 45.2 (#3), but the difference will be Florida’s 4th ranked defense (allowing 12.8 ppg), which is very fast and loaded with ballhawks and heavy hitters. Both teams will go back and forth, with the Sooners 2008 Heisman QB Sam Bradford leading an aerial assault, but will be sorely missing one of its two 1,000-yard backs in DeMarco Murray, leaving Chris Brown to shoulder the load. The Gators are led by 2007 Heisman QB Tim Tebow, a very balanced attack, and welcome back a healthy game-changer in Percy Harvin. In this close title game, look for Florida’s secondary to force a big turnover or two in the 2nd half, and to pound, pound, pound the ball at the Sooners line. The Gators will take a page out of Texas’ playbook (when Texas held Oklahoma to 48 rush yards in their win) and focus on stopping the run. Couple that with Tebow’s experience and calm in big games, and you can mark up another notch for coach Urban Meyer.

Note that in their last 12 games, the over has been 11-1 for Oklahoma and 8-4 for Florida. Also note that the Big 12 has been terrible this Bowl season, going 2-4 against the spread, bringing into question all that “tough schedule” talk, while the SEC has gone 5-2.

So far, 4-1 in 2009: USC rolling and Wild Card wins with ATL/ARI over, BAL -3, PHI -2, and the lone loss with Indy. Good luck everyone!

Straight Cash … Homey.

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Belicheck Yourselves!

The proven system of the new millennium is the Patriot way. There’s no doubting the dynasty that was and can continue to be the New England Patriots. So why would someone wish to steer away from this? The list of failures who have left the Patriot system can be listed as: Mangini , Crennel, Weis, Branch, Givens and Law. Whose next?

Josh McDaniels with Belichick

Josh McDaniels with Belichick

Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels looks to be pursuing a career down abysmal lane. Currently having interviewed for head coaching jobs from the Seahawks to the Broncos and Browns(Mangini signed 4-year contract); look for McDaniels to make a move he will soon regret. McDaniels might see this Denver job as a good fit with a young franchise QB in Cutler that he could work wonders with. But he is in no way going to hurt his reputation for the next 2-3 years by managing the best offense in the NFL. Why jump at this chance in Denver when there will most definitely be more job offers down the road, especially after looking at the ease with which teams are letting go of head coaches nowadays.

And then there’s Scott Pioli, who’s urge for power is driving him to consider leaving a proven system after 8 years and 4 Super bowl appearances. He saw former Patriots personnel like Dimitroff have some success with the Falcons and present some post Patriot hope. KC appears to be pushing for a Pioli presence in their organization and the appeal may be mutual. With a lot of cap space and an early draft pick, the resurgence is close but not guaranteed. Clark Hunt, son of the late Lamar Hunt is running the organization and has a lot of respect and understanding for the game. Not to mention he’s good friends with Jonathan Kraft , Patriots president and son of owner Robert Kraft. Both young pawns in the game could possibly make a Tuna like turnaround in a strong fan base that is Kansas City.

Pioli on the Duck Boats

Pioli on the Duck Boats

Pioli is in a perfect situation right now. He holds all the cards at the negotiating table and is in the same boat as McDaniels in the fact that him running the show behind the scenes in NE will not hurt his reputation because the Patriots will be successful. Therefore, he can ask for as much money as he desires (5 mil a year rumored), as well as TOTAL control of the football operations. If they don’t meet his demands, which looks to be the case in KC and definitely Cleveland since they hired Mangini, then he can just go back to being a part of one of the most successful franchises in football today.

Now here poses the question. Would you rather be remembered in possibly building and anchoring one of the best dynasties in sports history with the future of an 09’ Brady comeback? Or would you rather seek the uncontrollable and roll the dice in a new playing field where all others have failed but where you are Gipetto, controller of the all the strings? I personally would take the smart route and stick to the system you know and has brought you success over the years. Why leave while the pieces are still in tact and the potential to continue the greatness is within reach? Romeo Crennel took a promising Cleveland franchise and unfortunately destroyed all hopes of success. Charlie Weis’ career at Notre Dame has brought Irish pride to an all-time low. While Mangini will be remembered for spy gate and believing in Brett for one more year. Good luck in Cleveland Eric!!! But legacies are not what people like Pioli and McDaniels are searching for. Money is talking along with control and power. I said it once and I’ll say it again, the Belichick system works only in his system. You steer away from it and like the coaches and players who left in the past, most likely you fail. Pioli has the potential to be a hero to any new franchise he goes to. But why be great when you can become legendary!


I’m just a bitter fan.

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