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Anything is Possible?

Celtics struggling

Celtics struggling

I’m not going to do what everybody wants me to do and just FREAK OUT! No, I’ll keep my cool and even though the Celtics have lost 6 of 8 games against inferior teams on back-to-back nights, it will all be OK. Anyone? I mean if it’s possible for the Real World to break yet another barrier and have a Transgender person (?!?) in a house with now 8 strangers, anything is possible. If Led Zeppelin can go on tour without Robert Plant and still possibly call themselves Led Zeppelin, anything is possible. If an 8-8 team can make the playoffs over an 11-5 team in the NFL, sadly, anything is possible.

The Celtics appear to have transformed into that mediocre, inconsistent team that was pre-big three. Maybe the fatigue from the other teams bringing their playoff-like mentality to every match up has drained their energy. The Celtics don’t appear to be attacking well and turnovers continue to be a problem as they are now ranked last in the league. But this team revolves around defense and currently is not getting the job done. Against a hurt Rockets team, some simple errors of running below screens to missing box-outs were happening all night. It’s back to fundamentals for the Celtics and that starts with tightening up that defense and creating turnovers. They can possibly consider bringing up their rookies from the D-League to add a much-needed spark. Any change to the current form will be good. No reason for Lakers fans to get excited, the chart below shows such trends tend to happen to teams with extended win streaks like the Celtics had this season.

Longest Win Streaks In League History (*won NBA title)
Year Team Wins Following the Streak
1971-72 Lakers* 33 Lost 4 of 6
2007-08 Rockets 22 Lost 5 of 8
1970-71 Bucks* 20 Lost 5 of 6
2008-09 Celtics 19 Lost 6 of 8
1999-00 Lakers* 19 Won 11 of 12

With an All-star break soon approaching, I will not be voting for any Celtics players to allow them to rest up for the second half of the season. A big game on Friday night versus Lebron and the Cavaliers will give a good indication of what this team is capable of. Worst case, they will exploit exactly what Boston needs to improve on. They were coasting through the regular season at this time last year but maybe this season’s challenge will provide another test of grit for this weathered team. I won’t mention the playoffs or a repeat but then again, anything is possible!


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