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Miles Away from Ordinary

Darius Miles

Darius Miles

As Darius Miles was ready to clear waivers Friday morning, an interesting yet bullying memo was sent out to the other 29 teams in the NBA. The Portland Trailblazers released an email threatening any team with legal action who was to sign or claim Miles off of waivers just to put a burden on the Blazers salary cap. If Miles was to play in two more games this season, his 18 million dollar contract would count against the Portland salary cap and force them to pay the NBA luxury tax next summer. They will probably be charged 8 million against the cap which is a lot of money. This especially for a guy they signed in 2004 for 6 years, 48 million dollars. Miles would go on to get hurt in 2006 and never play for the Trailblazers again. Portland listed his injury as career-ending and thought they parted ways with the former star.
One must admit this kind of threat is ridiculous yet reasonable for a team whose money could be in danger. In no way should any team control the rights of a player like Miles to ever play in the NBA again.

The players association had this to say; “Their attempt to intimidate the other 29 NBA teams by threatening frivolous litigation merely for signing this capable NBA veteran is a clear violation of the anti-collusion and other provisions of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. We will vigorously defend Darius’ rights.”

Let’s put this in Board Game terms. Refer to a monopoly board, Portland places Miles in jail forever. Do not pass go do not lose 18 million dollars. Now the Memphis Grizzlies are the get out of jail free card (signed Miles to a 10-day contract). If he plays in 2 more games it’s like Portland landed on Park Place and Boardwalk which the NBA owns. Now did Memphis do this to spite Portland? Probably and kudos to them for doing so. The Grizzlies may think a player like Miles may be of some use to their team for 10 days. “Darius Miles is focused on one thing — that’s returning to play basketball. That’s it. He’s not focusing on any of those other issues,” said agent Jeff Wechsler. Not to mention, a threat like this has never worked in favor of the person threatening. It all stems from what any child does on a normal basis. Billy don’t touch the hot stove. Of course Billy touches the stove, he’s curious to see what hot feels like. Lawsuits and threats, now if that doesn’t describe America in a nutshell, I don’t know what does.


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