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Why Dennis Green Now Deserves Respect

Green Deserves Some Respect

Green Deserves Some Respect

As the Arizona Cardinals prepare to host a playoff game, one man seems to be forgotten–Dennis Green.

Green was hired in January of 2004 and fired in January of 2007.  But during his tenure in Arizona, Green helped to build the team that is now one step away from the Superbowl.

Green came on board in January of 2004.   In early 2005, the Cardinals signed Kurt Warner to a one year deal, before signing a three year extension on February 14th, 2006.  And though prior to this season Warner had had an up and down career in Arizona, the Cardinals brass always knew that they had a competent quarterback on their bench.  And it certainly shows now.

In Green’s first season in Arizona, though he knew he had an incredible receiver in Anquan Boldin, Green’s first selection was used on WR Larry Fitzgerald.  Green had a personal relationship with Fitzgerald, as he was a ball boy in Minnesota when Green coached the Vikings.

In the second round and third rounds, the Cardinals picked up Karlos Dansby and Darnell Dockett.

The 2005 draft saw the Cardinals pick up Antrelle Rolle, who is now paying dividends.  And in 2006, the Cardinals signed Colts running back Edgerrin James in free agency.  Though James has not been effective prior to this late season run, it goes to show that James still has gas in the tank and was indeed a good pickup by the Cardinals.

This isn’t to say that current head coach Ken Wisenhunt hasn’t done a good job–he has.  He has helped to reform a losing culture in Arizona.  And certainly, quarterback Matt Leinart hasn’t worked out just yet, but there’s no doubt that Dennis Green needs some appreciation for what’s happening in Arizona.  He helped stock that team with talent–we certainly know he has an eye for talent from his days in Minnesota.  Though he’ll always be famous for his rant after the Sunday Night loss to the Chicago Bears in 2006, Green deserves to get some due respect for the Cardinals’ ability to turn around their 2008 season.

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Key Cardinal Matchups

This weekends game will feature several match ups that may decide the conclusion to the game. Just to look back, last weeks matchup winners were Fitzgerald, Levi Brown, Dansby, and DRC vs. Steve Smith, and the young-gun did what he was supposed to do. I’m not an expert but I’d say I called ’em last week. This week I will touch base with the current match ups…

  • Lyle Sendlein vs. Mike Patterson/ Brodrick Bunkley – Lyle will need to play his best game on Sunday. Not only will he need to spot the blitz, but contain these two, something New York was unable to do last Sunday.
  • Gerald Hayes vs. Brian Westbrook – I heard somewhere that when facing a star running back
    Can Larry take the Cards to the dance???

    Can Larry take the Cards to the dance???

    , Hayes only job is the rush the gap and make a tackle, nothing else. That may be what Gerald will have to do this Sunday.

  • Fitzgerald/Boldin vs. Samuel/Brown – This may be the match up of the game. If Arizona receivers can get off the ball and get YAC, that will put this offense in great field position. If Boldin plays throughout the game, that will also be an important factor. Philadelphia’s CBs will have their hands full but are very capable of containing these two pro bowl receivers.
  • Dominique Rogers-Cromartie vs. DeSean Jackson – They are both rookies with bright futures ahead of them. Jackson has been McNabb’s go-to man, while DRC has developed nicely into one of the few shut down corners. He’s not quite there but can improve if he contains the speedy Jackson on Sunday.
  • Darnell Dockett vs. Shawn Andrews – We haven’t heard much from Dockett lately, and that will need to change Sunday. Dockett will need to play with that same intensity that we saw in the Dallas game. He said he felt like it was a “playoff atmosphere” that game, and now it really is. If he is able to get passed Andrews, and disrupt plays/get to McNabb/Bat down balls, then it will make life difficult on McNabb and the passing game.  
  • The Cardinals need to come out with a tough mentality, and not get ahead of themselves. It’s pretty simple, If the Arizona Cardinals can win the majority of these match ups, expect the game to be over by the third quarter.

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Phelps Strikes Gold Again

In last year’s Olympics in China, Michael Phelps became a legendary figure in the world. He won 8 gold medals in every swimming event imaginable and quickly became the worst acting face of advertising. It’s not so much his dumbfounded look, but his goofy persona that didn’t work for me. His Saturday Night Live appearance was like staying up to watch Last Call with Carson Daly. It was disappointing and disturbing like Daly’s black finger nails (does he still do that crap). Phelps has done ads for Rosetta Stone(which wasn’t bad), Visa and Guitar Hero in which Phelps has speaking and non speaking roles. With his new deal with Mazda, we can only hope he locks it up from now on.

Feivel goes East!

Fievel goes East!

Phelps signed a ‘7-figure’ deal with the Mazda Motor group in the Greater China region. He will be the endorser in Print ads, public appearances and TV commercials for the Mazda 6. This is supposedly the largest single sponsorship for a western celebrity in the history of China. I thought Yao Ming’s teammates held those honors? With slumping demand and sales for cars, Mazda looks for the golden boy to spark the industry and produce results. I just want them to have a voice over ready to make these ads tolerable. Actually, just keep his lines to a minimum and let him flash those medals. Who would have thought an American Gold Medal Olympian could sell cars in China?


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What the Hell is That? Volume 2

Steroids for Kids? Damn!

Steroids for Kids? Damn!

A father’s love knows no bounds.  Fathers dedicate themselves to providing their kids with the best opportunities to succeed, protect them from and prepare them for the awaiting world, and of course, give their kids steroids as motivation to become better athletes.  Meet Mr. Todd Gerleman, an Iowa resident who expressed his love for his 14 year old son by injecting the boy with steroids and supplying him with a cocktail of pills.  Do you smell “Father of the Year” yet?  Well, let the story unfold.  Gerleman’s dedication to his son’s competitive excellence only became apparent after his son assaulted his mother in what police described as a “steroid rage.”  Mom obviously wasn’t on the same page as the Gerleman boys.  By the way, Gerleman is pronounced “girlie man.”   Back to our story of father-son bonding.  Gerleman said he was giving his son steroids as a means to motivate him in sports.  Damn, that is some out of the box thinking.  “Here son, the road to success begins with me shooting some unnatural shit into your butt.”  Play like a champion today. 

First of all, look at this fool’s mugshot.  Is that the face of a motivational speaker?  Why are most cats busted for steroid dealing overweight?  I guess the NWA warning of  not “getting high on your own supply” resonates with the ‘roid dealers of the world.  Secondly, his son is a high school wrestler (already a suspiciously homoerotic subculture) and this guy is basically using his son as a guinea pig.  This defines perversion.  Ok, before we condemn the man let’s listen to the case…let’s give the Gerleman some props.  He’s definitely thinking outside of the box.  In a time when the sports world has rallied against steroids and performance enhancers, Gerleman stood strong in his convictions.  A rogue salmon swimming down stream while the rest of the pack swam upstream to spawn.   It takes true belief in one’s progeny’s capabilities to want to inject them with steroids thereby increasing the size of his frontal lobe while simulataneously shrinking his nuts to the size of sunflower seeds.  Acne on the back?  That’s comes with the glory of being Iowa State Wrestling champ.  Gerleman is the sports equivalent of those backwoods militia men who ride around on ATVs while spewing the “Freedom Or Death” rhetoric through their missing front teeth.  Gerleman is in a league of his own, and I don’t encourage you to join this league.

In my attempts to improve my son’s performance in his 6 and under soccer league I’ve too use methods that may be deemed unorthodox, unethical, unusual, maniacal, and laced with evil.  I can’t afford steroids, and my disdain of synthetic drugs prevent me from concocting any cocktails, but the FlyMaster has his methods.  Method one is called “pull my chariot with your teeth.”  This involves me sitting in a red wagon while he chomps down on a twine tether and pulls me up the driveway.  This is great for leg strength, determination, neck stability, and is an adjunct way of flossing.  Don’t mind the bloody gums.  They get used to that.  Method two is called “get a job muthaf**ker.”  You got to pay to play, and having mundane jobs teaches kids the value of getting to play games.  Plain and simple.  Each day after school I drop him off at the life insurance agency and he gets busy trying to slang policies.  He’s not bad for a six year old, but I’d never buy from him or tell him he’s doing well.  Got to keep their mental state slightly fragile.  Method three is called “play with the big boys son.”  This involves putting him on the field with his dad’s crew of roughneck soccer players.  Now the FlyMaster plays with a crew of Irish miscreants, salty Mexicans, angered Englishmen, two Argentinian jerks, and some old-school pipe smoking brothas.  We put the FlySon in goal and practice taking penalty shots at him.  Trick is, we blind fold him.  That develops the chi and sensory perception.  All of these methods have combined to completely screw up my son’s head and sense of self, but hey that’s what Gerleman was doing also, so I’m not alone. 

FlyMaster Signing Off…For Now!

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