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Dear Brett Favre

Dear Brett Favre,

If you’ve been near a television in Mississippi, or have had the luxury of an Internet connection, I’m sure you’ve heard the news. Tony Dungy retired from being the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. And he did it quickly, smoothly, and with a ton of class.

Favre Teeters on Retirements Edge

Favre Teeters on Retirements Edge

Though you may sometimes be an erratic quarterback with a penchant for throwing passes to the guys wearing different jerseys, we still love you. You’ve been a great player to watch for almost two decades. You play hurt, you play without fear, and you certainly improve the play of your teammates.

But Brett, you are a heartbeat away from forty years old. And though there have been a few signal callers who have found relative success at middle age—Warren Moon and Vinny Testaverde come immediately to mind—2009 may just be the year to call it quits.

That’s not to say that you still don’t have talent. You probably throw the ball harder at 39 than most quarterbacks at 25. You still are reliable enough to play all sixteen games and you are a man who genuinely doesn’t play the game soley for money. I can’t help but appreciate that.

Whatever you do decide, Brett, please don’t drag it out. Please learn from Tony Dungy—make a commitment and stand behind it. I know the idea of walking away from the game is scary. I know football is all you’ve known since your Pop Warner days. I know that, aside from family, it’s probably your first love.

But Brett, I think I speak for most when I say that I cannot bear to have the networks cover the “will he, won’t he” retirement speculation that surrounds you every year at this time. If you love the NFL as much as I know you do, don’t subject its fans to your indecisive, libra-esque tendencies.

Please don’t retire, cry at your press conference, only to text message your former teammates that you still have “the itch.” Similar to a break-up with a girlfriend, as much as I still care for you, I can’t see you anymore. I need space, and to get over you, you need to step off the stage for a little while.

If the week 17 game against the Dolphins was indeed your swan song, you had a great career. You’re one of the best to ever play the game, and you will be remembered for generations to come. That’s more than most can say about their lives. With that said, nothing is forever—certainly not football. Please know this. If retirement is even creeping into your mind, it’s probably time to go. And just like a band-aid, you need to rip it off quickly. The sting will last for a short while, but in the end, we’ll all be better for it.


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