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Beckham to stay in Milan?

David Beckham could be leaving the MLS

David Beckham could be leaving the MLS

The man who was once called the savior of the MLS has now been rumored to possibly leave the LA Galaxy. Beckham is on loan from the Galaxy to the Italian club AC Milan. Beckhams’s agents are expected to meet with AC Milan to see if they can get him out of the current 250 Million dollar contract he has with the LA Galaxy. Beckham has the freedom to opt out and leave LA in October.
“The player wants to stay with us but even he knows he must return to America.” The reason for Beckham’s Italian adventure was to enjoy the finest cannolis and pasta in the world and to pick up a brand new authentic Gucci bag for Posh. Well he actually wants to impress England coach Fabio Capello with his fitness that he may be considered for the English National team in 2010. Beckham looks in shape and has performed quite well for Milan having scored his first goal this past weekend vs. Bologna. AC Milan is willing to match any lost compensation in the deal and hope to retain Becks for good.

Well Victoria Beckham might have something to say about this stint in Italy. She does not want to uproot their three sons after their previous spell in a non-English speaking country with Real Madrid. Which makes sense but could also be a great experience for these young lads. If Beckham leaves the MLS, the league will officially lose credibility and any quality player will avoid venturing to the US to play. Now if he stays, the impact has the potential to bandwagon some more players from Italy and other countries who question the skill and athleticism of the MLS. In no way can the MLS compare to a an English Premier League or an Italian league but this development takes time. Soccer is a sport slightly considered by Americans but the MLS acquired Beckham to change that mentality. One man certainly cannot sway the American public from it’s infatuation with the 4 major sports in the US that are already well established in the states. The MLS needs something to spark it’s interest…how about bikini ball girls and an indoor soccer tour of the best players vs. one another. How about a Spice Girls reunion before every LA Galaxy game? If you wanna be my lovah! Marketing baby, I put that sh*t on everything!

Got that song in your head now didn’t I!

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  1. That song is permanently in my head now so thanks and they should definitely hire some Galaxy Girls to put on some Spice Girl like show at every game. It would be more entertaning and talented than the actual match.

    Comment by Rickay | January 27, 2009 | Reply

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