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I agree with Reggie Miller?!?!

Kobe scores 61 pts. vs Knicks

Kobe scores 61 pts. vs Knicks

Let me start off by saying, I hate Reggie Miller as a player.  Every time he played the Celtics I would heckle and despise his every movement.  From his baseline to baseline flops through screens, his cocky attitude and litte prissy ways.  I couldn’t stand the guy.  Every time he touched the ball he got boo’ed but he’d still hit his shots.  In no way would we embrace Reggie Miller in the Garden even today.  Not even if he smacked Bill Lambeer on a TNT broadcast.  Ok, maybe if he smacked Bill Lambeer and Ulf Samuelson, then I would consider an ovation. 
After Monday night’s “MVP” chants in Madison Square Garden by Knicks fans, Reggie supposedly texted back and forth with Spike Lee.  His first text being “Oh how the mighty have fallen.”   He goes on to say he knows he never got cheered there and Jordan probably never got cheered.  Basically saying that Madison Square Garden has lost it’s luster and toughness.  To welcome an outsider like Kobe with an MVP chant after he just threw 61 points on the home team is weak.  Spike Lee went on to say “‘Look, times have changed. The climate has changed.'”

I think Spike is missing the point here.  New York is a tough town!  No one should come in there and get applause like that.  Come on!  I hate New York, I hate it even more now that they cheered for Kobe.  In good or bad days(like the current Knicks times), you have to support your team.  Great performances like Kobe’s on monday warrant boos and silence.  Take a note from your Yankee comrades and leave the game early.  But in no way should you be cheering for a one man team that is Kobe.  I respect him as a player but if he did that in my hometown, I’d be pissed.  That’s why you choose to root for a team like the Knicks(do people still cheer for the Knicks?), for nights when Kobe comes to town and you harass his ass until he flops.  Now replace Kobe with Paul Pierce scoring 61…you still cheering now?  Didn’t think so.  I can’t believe I agree with Reggie Miller.  Now that’s tough to swallow. 


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  1. Nice post Ragin. Not sure if Knicks fans were actually cheering Kobe as there were a lot of purple and gold jerseys at MSG that night … New York should be pissed at their team, to think that Kobe (61) and LeBron (52 + triple double) can just come in back-to-back games and use the Knicks for target practice.

    Should be a good game tonight — too bad both teams aren’t at full strength.

    Comment by Straight Cash | February 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. The Knicks better man up and knock a few Celtics on their seats come Friday night. Have some pride Big Apple.

    Comment by flymaster1 | February 5, 2009 | Reply

  3. Reminds me of the time Celtics fans chanted MVP after Kobe put up 40 in the 2nd half back in 2007 at the garden

    Comment by McChanski | February 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. I was at the Celts game when they were chanting MVP and the difference there was that our team was one of the worst in the NBA WITHOUT one of the highest payrolls that year. Knicks are pathetic and I can’t remember the last time they were “mighty”.

    Comment by Rickay | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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