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Leaving Kansas City?

Larry Johnson wants out of Kansas City… well, so does everyone in Missouri…

LJ Wants Out...

LJ Wants Out...

In a radio conference held yesterday, Johnson claimed “my departure would allow the Chiefs to find what they want and I can go on and try to rebuild my career and find what I want.”

But what do you want Mr. Johnson? You will be 30 years old next season, which hardly makes you the age in which a team is bound to offer you a huge multi-year deal and build their franchise around you. Given great health you may have 3 years left in the tank and your behavioral track record hasn’t proven that you are capable of becoming a beacon of morality and responsibility (note: your 4 arrests since 2003).

I’ll tell you what hurts you also. The emergence of the effective rookie running back. Players such as Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Steve Slaton and Adrian Peterson have all pioneered respect for rookies in the league and shown viability to be just as productive in their first season as many blue chip running backs in their 3rd or 4th seasons.

So why would a franchise want to invest in you? And where do you think you would find a starting job? I have never seen the amount of talent at the running back position across the board in the NFL like there is right now. I’d venture to say 90% of teams in the league are perfectly content with who they have in the backfield. The Philadelphia Eagles may be concerned that time will run out shortly on the aging Brian Westbrook, but signing a guy only a few years younger (you) isn’t the solution. The Eagles will likely go after someone like Knowsho Moreno from Georgia, or Chris Wells from Ohio St. to integrate into the system as Westbrook nears retirement.

Mr. Johnson. Here’s my suggestion. Stay in Kansas City. You know the system. The organization is starting to turn and you aren’t likely find success “rebuilding” anywhere.  Have your agent renegotiate you a better deal and clean up your act for a few more years until you are 33 and destined to retire.

And that’s what the StatDragon is breathing fire about…

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  1. Baby Larry is just scared that he won’t have his daddy Herm there anymore to give him hugs.

    Comment by Rickay | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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