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Champions League game of the Day!

clThe Champions League is the biggest stage for the best soccer clubs around the world to showcase their skills and compete for the ultimate prize. Clubs like Manchester United, Inter Milan, Juventus, Chelsea, Roma, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Arsenal are simply all-star teams competing against one another. If you don’t watch or are used to watching MLS (haha), this is soccer at it’s finest.

75925061What to expect:Today at 2:30 Eastern time, Manchester United vs Inter Milan. The best of England vs. the best of Italy. Defending UEFA Champions league Champs, Man U are looking to repeat this year. Lead by the golden boy Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer of the year in 2008. “It is going to be a titanic fight,” Ronaldo said. “Inter are top of Serie A which tells you immediately they are a good team who are going to give us a tough game.” Ronaldo can fake a flop and cry with the best in the world but he’s fast with great ball skill. Inter Milan are the reigning champs of Italy for 3 years running. They’ve struggled on the Champions League stage with early exits from the tournament. With coach Mourinho guiding them, they look to get over the hump and take advantage of a injured United defense.

Dick Rickles (Man U supporter) had this to offer “United are playing the best football in the world right now in the best league in the world. However, they are facing a difficult challenge tonight in Italy where they are not too successful; only 3 wins in 15 matches on Italian soil, but Inter have not been able to get a win out of their last 4 games where an English team has visited them at the San Siro. United are also without one of their best and arguably one of the world’s best defenders in Nemanja Vidic due to a preposterous red card he received in the Super Cup final, which will make it difficult to deal with Inter’s striking pair of Ibrahimovic and Adriano. The Red Devils will be looking to get that crucial away goal tonight and I don’t think they would be upset with a tie or even a loss with that away goal heading back for the return leg in Old Trafford when they should have a full squad.”

Screw Duke vs. UNC and Ohio St. vs Michigan…let’s talk about multiple countries represented in intense matchups of pride and glory. And the camera man always seems to find a fine Italian woman in the stands.

Also on tap today: Roma vs. Arsenal, Lyon vs. Barcelona , FC Porto vs. Atletico Madrid

Let’s kick it up a notch!


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U.S. vs Mexico, it’s gonna get Dirty!

In the road to the World Cup, the United States has a huge qualifier tonight versus rivals Mexico in the CONCACAF bracket. These two teams hate each other and the intensity and flow of the game is usually dirty and fierce. In this type of game, people usually get hacked and it brings out the best in the US team. Tonight in Columbus at 7 pm all the action happens. It’s the first round of the final leg of World Cup qualifying and it’s time to step it up.

78112036BL023_U_S_MNT_V_MEXI hate Mexico for their dirty play and I just can’t stand watching them. They lack the skills of an up and coming US team that really looks to make more of an impact in 2010. Freddy Adu was left off the roster but expect Landon Donovan to pick up the slack. Donovan has struggled in the World Cup but recently has been playing in Germany for Bayern Munich. The Adu snub is due to the lack of action he’s seen in France. Baby Pele is getting upset, personally he’s not too impressive. He’s young but hey hype is much too large for this young little man.

The U.S. has dominated recently gathering an 8-0-2 home record against Mexico since 2000. In this time the U.S. has totaled 17 goals, while the Mexicans have countered with three goals on American soil in this decade.

The U.S. finished 2008 with a 9-3-2 record, including a 7-1-0 record in World Cup qualifying.

Action starts tonight at 7pm ET. Get loud in Columbus…I’ll be watching.


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Tips to get Your Girl to Watch Sports in 2009

As the year ends, sports viewership continues to rise. With classic moments such as:

-Basketball Rivals Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers Go Head-to-Head
-New York Giants Stomp Unbeaten New England Patriots in the Superbowl
-Nadal Defeats Federer in Five Sets
-Michael Phelps Drowns Swimmers with 8 Medals

Green Bay Packers Sports Fan

Green Bay Packers Sports Fan

Who wouldn’t have wanted to watch male-testosterone, competition based events with sweat, anger and adrenaline? Your significant other you say…? Well, if you missed out on 2008’s greatest moments, you may want to make sure the love of your life is ready for 2009. You sacrificed enough if you missed ANY of the above mentions. Do not let yourself get trapped into the ballet, babysitting or watching chick flicks like Mean Girls.

Follow the steps below and you just might catch some action on the tube…Or live if you’re lucky. Hell, you may even get to go to a Superbowl party early next year if you take this matter seriously.

Barter with Her:
You’re always forced into doing things with her, why can’t she reciprocate? Tighten your belt and voice your thoughts. Spend an evening with her going shopping so she can spend a day with you watching a game. If that doesn’t work, beg to do housework.

Keep Her Comfortable:
If bartering was tough, chances are she’s going to need a lot of time to warm up to the concept of competition. This isn’t drama to see which girl can outdo the other in b*tch@$ness, this is the result of gladiators hard at work. For her first few viewings, make sure you’re in a quiet setting so her ears aren’t pounding from raging drunken men at bars. Allow her to chill and learn the game – Yes, this means you have to explain it to her. Not ideal, but at least she’s open to it now.

Remind Her It’s Quality Time:
Whether you’re watching the game or getting pedicures, in the end it’s quality time that matters. Assure her that you’re not just into the game (even if you are) and that you would like the best of both worlds…As would she.

Watch Eye Candy Sports:
Let’s face it, women love fantasizing about men just as much as we love wet dreams of XXX models – The only difference is their fantasies are more likely to happen. Ask your significant other who she’s fond of and watch that athlete’s games. David Beckham? Tom Brady? Kobe Bryant? Let her watch him as you watch the rest of them. She may be watching for a completely different reason, but hey, at least she’s shut up and allowing you to do your thing.

Develop Emotional Ties:
Did she go to a college with a good athletics program? Is she passionate about her hometown or residential city? Let her get attached to the teams so she wants to watch them play.

Play with Her:
Toss the ball around and teach her the skills needed to play the game. She just may understand what its all about and join in the fun. She might even become your cheerleader for when you play pick up games.

Buy Her Gear:
Be sure to buy her team attire. It’s a whole different ball game for a fan when they’re representing a team. Buy her a cute jersey, sweatshirt or better yet a thong with her favorite team’s logo. Who knows what the excitement could lead to…

Good luck and Happy New Year in advance!

Skrybe – Keep it Fly

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Liverpool’s Gerrard arrested

Gerrard charged for bloodying a Brit

Gerrard charged for bloodying a Brit

English Premier League footballer and Liverpool captain; Steven Gerrard was arrested early Tuesday morning. Gerrard was out drinking and celebrating the 5-1 stomping of Newcastle on Sunday when a fight occurred outside a bar. The fight left a DJ hospitalized with a broken tooth and other facial injuries. Gerrard and two others were charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray. The charges carry a maximum five-year sentence.

Gerrard is probably the most important player on the pitch for Liverpool, not to mention the face of their franchise for the better half of the past decade. With these charges, he may have hindered the hopes of supporters since Liverpool took over the top spot in the Premier league this past weekend. Maybe the DJ was playing an Arsenal fight song or just ran his mouth, which deserved a whacking. Nevertheless, if the captain tells you he wants to hear the new Britney song, you better play that track. Broken glass and drops of blood were found on the floor of the bar. Maybe Mr. DJ shouldn’t be commenting on Gerrard’s cranberry juice choice of drinking.

The Liverpool club has offered their full support to Gerrard. “Steven has been an outstanding servant to Liverpool for the last ten years and the club will give him all the support he needs at this time,” He will appear in court next month for these charges.

Bloody Brits!


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Forza Italia???


Now that's what Italian Soccer is all about!

According to the Daily Mail, a Serie C player only known as ‘Victory’ claims to have had sexual relations with at least 12 of Italy’s most famous footballers. He also says the players paid for sex and he waited for them after the games in hotel rooms and even changing rooms. “They just want to relax and they don’t have any problems kissing me on the mouth. But they are all terrified of being found out.” Victory goes on to say that the footballers (soccer) players are bisexual but are usually married and just scared of coming out of the closet due to the fear of how the supporters would treat them.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being gay but if you’ve ever watched an Italian League Soccer match these fans are ferocious. Fans of Roma have killed in support of their side and I can’t even imagine what a gay player coming out of the closet would turn into. But let’s get serious; no Italian players are getting favored by ‘Victory’. This has to be a French publicity stunt to steer the Italians off the championship path. Italy would hate to see another scandal in Italian soccer affect the way the league is viewed by countries all over the world. Let’s just remember what Zidane did in the 06’ World Cup and forget this nonsense. So Forza Italia, Zidane’s the devil and manga pasta!!!


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