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Faulk Me! ( Surviving Week 15 Fantasy Fotball )

Peeved girlfriends, disgruntled bosses and neglected pets REJOICE… fantasy football season is coming to an end and your loved one will become his normal self again soon.

With the last two weeks on the horizon, Zack the StatDragon lets you in on the best kept secrets in “DO’s & DON’Ts for WEEK 15

DO: FAULK ME!- Kevin Faulk ( RB- New England) has been a consistent producer this year. Yes, he is the 3rd down back for the Pats, but he has consistently served as the bailout man on the team ( we might as well nickname him the ‘Fed Reserve’ with 48 receptions out of the backfield) and has mounted only 18 less fantasy points than uber-receiver and teammate, Randy Moss. The Pats are at Oakland this week, and though the Raiders, in general, look as pretty as any female fan cheering from the “black-hole,” they are gifted with one incredible defensive back, Nnamdi Asomugha. Asomugha is a complete SHUT DOWN DB who is talented enough to take Randy Moss out of the game. This means Matt Cassel will be forced to throw a lot to (DO) Wes Welker, and out of the backfield to Faulk when the Raiders play man on man.

DO: Capitalize on NO RUNNING BACK SUPPORT IN DENVER- Jay Cutler (QB-Denver) looks to be primed for fantasy gold this week, much in juxtaposition to the Broncos themselves. Their horrific defense will easily allow Carolina to run the gauntlet all over them putting Denver behind early. Combined with having to start their 5th string running back (this guy) we should expect to see Cutler airing it out ALL DAY to ( other DO’s) wide outs Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall. The Broncos will not win this game, but you will see an impressive aerial attack.

DON’T: START ANY RB in BAL v. PITT MATCHUP-  I’m about as into Willie Parker ( RB- Pittsburgh) as I am to paying taxes. It appears that Pittsburgh has abandoned the running game, Willie Parker stinks and, oh yeah… Baltimore has allowed 3 rushing TDs ALL SEASON. Likewise, although I respect LeRon McClain and Willis McGahee, (RBs- Baltimore) touches will be shared out of the backfield and they are facing the best run defense in the NFL ( average: 73 yards per game).

DON’T:  GIVE HILL THE NOD- Shaun Hill (QB- San Francisco) has done enough to impress me this year in his past 3 starts. This week, however, he faces the 4th best defense against the pass. The Dolphins are keeping the passing game to an impressive 188 AYPG. If Hill doesn’t get in the end zone, we are looking at meager fantasy numbers here, boys.

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