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According to Big Papi

According to Big Papi, the lefty says he’s far from sloppy.  He had a few choice words to say about steroids and those people who think he’s old at the age of 33.  Oh Papi, I’m with you my man, let’s get the bat going, see some sun and maybe bring back an old friend. 

When asked about steroids Ortiz spoke out and said; “I would suggest everybody get tested, not random, everybody,”  “You go team by team. You test everybody three, four times a year and that’s about it.” 

If the tests proves positive Ortiz said,”Ban ’em for the whole year.”

ortiz3It makes sense in my eyes.  Rid the game of the continued users and only allow the clean players a chance to play.  The 50 game bans didn’t send a powerful enough message.  They allowed the player to rejoin the team after the games were played and remain a name in the game.  It’s just a logical, forceful approach to clean up the tarnished image and right the wrong.  I know we’ve had plenty of steroid talks but it’s time you face the issue and clean it up.  As Jonny Dakota was supposed to say on Saved by the Bell, “There’s no hope with dope.”  Jonny (TV star)was actually doing the drugs in the episode, you could say acting like an A-Rod for Bayside students.  Endorsing the game and pretending to be an activist in the fight.  Let’s hope with his message, Papi has steered away from the dope.  In a Bayside world Papi would say,  “In one word, would I do dope? Nope.”  Yes, I compared steroids in baseball to a Saved by the Bell episode, but don’t worry he’s Big Papi not Wicked Big Papi.  

I’m just hoping he comes up wicked big this season.  After a sub par 2008 season, Papi’s got his confidence and swagger back this according to him.  He’s lost 15 pounds going into Spring Training and looks noticeably fit.  People have been saying he’s too old and he’s on the downfall of his career, well don’t tell him that.  “Sometimes I listen to comments and it just does nothing but make me stronger,” don’t mess with the bull, here come the horns.  He needs to produce in order to get these Sox deep in the pennant run.  Papi spoke out about getting another power hitter to help in the middle of the lineup.  When the name Manny popped up, of course he said “Why not?”

Let’s hope what Papi’s preaching all comes true.  From 1-year bans for steroid use, no pains in the wrist and a power hitting display fueled by media hatred in 2009.  According to Papi we’re in for some changes in the game but hopefully a rebirth of his ongoing legend.



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Mahk Ta-Share-ah to sign with the Red Sox?!?!

Teixera to sign with Red Sox?!?!

Teixera to sign with Red Sox?!?!

Say it with me Bostonians…Mahk Ta-Share-ah. Yes it could be true. Sources from Sons of Simmons blog have claimed that the free agent first baseman has agreed in principle to an eight-year deal for what is said to be around 170 million dollars. The slugger has been the topic of hot stove discussions with several teams reaching and battling it out to acquire Teixera. An opt-clause was not included in the deal but once again nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Hopefully he can decide sooner than later so these discussions and waiting come to an end. Having Boras as an agent definitely extends the process but will most likely land him a whopping contract. Ta-share-ah batted .308 with 33 HR’s and 121 RBI’s last season.

Now the addition of Teixera to the Sox will definitely add more power to the lineup and another all-star first baseman. He will most likely be batting between Big Papi and Youkilis in the cleanup spot. This will surely solidify a scary batting order for all American League pitching. Personally I will be happy that the drama will be over and extremely happy if the Sox win the bidding war negotiations. But with the addition, this assures the Evil Empire of making a move to acquire good friend Manny Ramirez. If you want drama you got it here. Money ain’t a thing in New York and with a new stadium and boatloads of revenue coming in, you better believe they will grab him. Talk about adding to the rivalry, Manny being Money and another star in Teixera bagged by big money baseball.
For now, this is all speculation but we will follow up as things progress. Hot stove…burning up!


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