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Belicheck Yourselves!

The proven system of the new millennium is the Patriot way. There’s no doubting the dynasty that was and can continue to be the New England Patriots. So why would someone wish to steer away from this? The list of failures who have left the Patriot system can be listed as: Mangini , Crennel, Weis, Branch, Givens and Law. Whose next?

Josh McDaniels with Belichick

Josh McDaniels with Belichick

Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels looks to be pursuing a career down abysmal lane. Currently having interviewed for head coaching jobs from the Seahawks to the Broncos and Browns(Mangini signed 4-year contract); look for McDaniels to make a move he will soon regret. McDaniels might see this Denver job as a good fit with a young franchise QB in Cutler that he could work wonders with. But he is in no way going to hurt his reputation for the next 2-3 years by managing the best offense in the NFL. Why jump at this chance in Denver when there will most definitely be more job offers down the road, especially after looking at the ease with which teams are letting go of head coaches nowadays.

And then there’s Scott Pioli, who’s urge for power is driving him to consider leaving a proven system after 8 years and 4 Super bowl appearances. He saw former Patriots personnel like Dimitroff have some success with the Falcons and present some post Patriot hope. KC appears to be pushing for a Pioli presence in their organization and the appeal may be mutual. With a lot of cap space and an early draft pick, the resurgence is close but not guaranteed. Clark Hunt, son of the late Lamar Hunt is running the organization and has a lot of respect and understanding for the game. Not to mention he’s good friends with Jonathan Kraft , Patriots president and son of owner Robert Kraft. Both young pawns in the game could possibly make a Tuna like turnaround in a strong fan base that is Kansas City.

Pioli on the Duck Boats

Pioli on the Duck Boats

Pioli is in a perfect situation right now. He holds all the cards at the negotiating table and is in the same boat as McDaniels in the fact that him running the show behind the scenes in NE will not hurt his reputation because the Patriots will be successful. Therefore, he can ask for as much money as he desires (5 mil a year rumored), as well as TOTAL control of the football operations. If they don’t meet his demands, which looks to be the case in KC and definitely Cleveland since they hired Mangini, then he can just go back to being a part of one of the most successful franchises in football today.

Now here poses the question. Would you rather be remembered in possibly building and anchoring one of the best dynasties in sports history with the future of an 09’ Brady comeback? Or would you rather seek the uncontrollable and roll the dice in a new playing field where all others have failed but where you are Gipetto, controller of the all the strings? I personally would take the smart route and stick to the system you know and has brought you success over the years. Why leave while the pieces are still in tact and the potential to continue the greatness is within reach? Romeo Crennel took a promising Cleveland franchise and unfortunately destroyed all hopes of success. Charlie Weis’ career at Notre Dame has brought Irish pride to an all-time low. While Mangini will be remembered for spy gate and believing in Brett for one more year. Good luck in Cleveland Eric!!! But legacies are not what people like Pioli and McDaniels are searching for. Money is talking along with control and power. I said it once and I’ll say it again, the Belichick system works only in his system. You steer away from it and like the coaches and players who left in the past, most likely you fail. Pioli has the potential to be a hero to any new franchise he goes to. But why be great when you can become legendary!


I’m just a bitter fan.

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Burning NFL Questions

1.  Wasn’t this one of the most exciting final weeks of football you have witnessed in a long time?

2.  Was there any doubt that Romeo Crennel and Rod Marinelli were going to get canned?

3.  Speaking of firings, though, did Mangini really deserve to be fired after having two winning seasons in three years?

4.  Will Jerry Jones finally realize that team chemistry is what is needed in the locker room, and not just talent?

Tony Romo

Tony Romo

5.  Can everyone stop trying to replace Donnovan McNabb now?

6.  Isn’t it great to see Chad Pennington finally get some well deserved credit?

Chad Pennington

Chad Pennington

7.  Is it me, or are the Ravens the scariest team in the playoffs?

8.  Was it a bad decision to have Ben Roethlisberger play in a meaningless game against the Browns and get hurt, or just part of the game?

9.  Does anyone really expect much out of the Cardinals in the post-season?

10.  Although the Titans had nothing to play for, how does such a great team get shut out against a division rival?

11.  How many games in 2009 will it take for the Lions to finally win one?

12.  Wasn’t it a shame that Drew Brees came 16 yards short of breaking the passing record?

13.  Isn’t it a bigger shame that an 11-5 team like the Patriots can miss the playoffs, while the 8-8 Chargers get to host a playoff game?

14.  Aren’t you happy you don’t have to hear Terrell Owens’ garbage in the playoffs?

15.  Speaking of the Cowboys, why is Bradie James picking fights with fans–does he think think he is recently fired Browns GM Phil Savage?

16.  Speaking of Phil Savage, will he be remembered most for extending Romeo Crennel after just one good year in 2007 or refusing to trade a hot and cold QB in Derek Anderson while his stock was high?

17.  Can someone explain how Tampa Bay blew a playoff opportunity by losing to the Raiders?

18.  Can someone explain how the Broncos blew a three game lead in their division?

19.  Don’t we all hope Brett Favre doesn’t drag out his retirement drama for months and months?

20.  Now that it’s playoff time, why can’t the NFL bring back the Don Cheadle commericals?

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As Black Monday Approaches…

The Monday following week 17 in the NFL.  They call it black Monday, as well intentioned head coaches across the league get axed.  And with the head goes the body, as coordinators are subsequently terminated, too.

It’s a dark day for sure, but a necessary evil.  The firing of a coach, and the hiring of a new one, can bring hope to a team and city that is desperately fighting to stay competitive.  Let’s see who’s 2009 just might begin in the unemployment line:

1.  Marvin Lewis:  The head coach of the Bengals was hired a few years ago, and it seemed like a perfect fit.  Having coached for the dominant Ravens as a defensive coordinator, he seemed to be a slam dunk to help ressurect this putrid franchise.  His high moment was leading the Bengals to an 11-5 record, but since then he has been an enabler.  He encouraged Chad Johnson’s absurd antics, then got upset about them years later.  He consistently gave guys like Chris Henry second chances, and helped build a criminal reputation for Cincinnati.

Verdict:  Lewis should be fired.

2.  Herman Edwards

Edwards Thinks About His Future

Edwards Thinks About His Future

Edwards did a solid job while he was in New York.  He came to Kansas City and inherited a good team from Dick Vermeil.  But injuries to key players like Priest Holmes and Trent Green, along with retirements of guys such as Willie Roaf, have hurt this team’s development.  The regression of Larry Johnson has been hard to watch, and Herm certainly isn’t going to win many games with a combo of Croyle and Thigpen.  Afterall, you “play to win the game.”

Verdict:  A new GM coming in spells doom for Edwards.  Fired.

3.  Romeo Crennel:  Romeo was brought in to add some respect to this franchise.  Coming off three Superbowl wins as a coordinator in New England, Romeo certainly had the hardware to earn respect from coaches and players alike.  But in four seasons with Cleveland, he has only had one winning season.  And though he arrived to a team that was devoid of any talent at all, his team this season has signifcantly underacheived.  And with reports that defensive lineman Shaun Smith cold-cocked Brady Quinn last week, one has to wonder if Crennel has lost the team.  His lack of discipline towards Edwards’ drops, too, is cause for concern.

Verdict:  Dead man walking.

4.  Rod Marinelli:  What more can you say?  Awful team.  Devoid of talent.  And a coach seemingly living in denial.  He seems like a good enough guy, but this franchise is atrocious.

Verdict:  Doesn’t completely deserve to be fired, as he was doomed to fail from the start.  This entire franchise, though, needs to be blown up.  From the owner down to the valet.

5.  Tom Cable & Jim Haslett:  These interim coaches will, of course, get a raw deal.  Inheriting poor teams after their bosses were fired mid-season, Cable and Haslett don’t have a whole lot to work with.

Verdict:  Definitely fired.  Especially Cable.  It’s Al Davis, remember?

6.  Wade Phillips:  This is completely dependent on Sunday.  If they win and get in, all could be forgiven.  But you know Jerry Jones wants to win–and win now.  He’s dying to win another Superbowl, and the Cowboys have disapponted for years.  Phillips is a nice enough guy, but he’s soft.  That’s his reputation.  He’s not tough enough to handle TO’s diva-esque drama.  And the team overall has too much talent to seem so mediocre.  Someone has to be the fall guy.

Surprise Verdict:  Fired.

Who do you expect to be fired come Monday morning?

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