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Why Dennis Green Now Deserves Respect

Green Deserves Some Respect

Green Deserves Some Respect

As the Arizona Cardinals prepare to host a playoff game, one man seems to be forgotten–Dennis Green.

Green was hired in January of 2004 and fired in January of 2007.  But during his tenure in Arizona, Green helped to build the team that is now one step away from the Superbowl.

Green came on board in January of 2004.   In early 2005, the Cardinals signed Kurt Warner to a one year deal, before signing a three year extension on February 14th, 2006.  And though prior to this season Warner had had an up and down career in Arizona, the Cardinals brass always knew that they had a competent quarterback on their bench.  And it certainly shows now.

In Green’s first season in Arizona, though he knew he had an incredible receiver in Anquan Boldin, Green’s first selection was used on WR Larry Fitzgerald.  Green had a personal relationship with Fitzgerald, as he was a ball boy in Minnesota when Green coached the Vikings.

In the second round and third rounds, the Cardinals picked up Karlos Dansby and Darnell Dockett.

The 2005 draft saw the Cardinals pick up Antrelle Rolle, who is now paying dividends.  And in 2006, the Cardinals signed Colts running back Edgerrin James in free agency.  Though James has not been effective prior to this late season run, it goes to show that James still has gas in the tank and was indeed a good pickup by the Cardinals.

This isn’t to say that current head coach Ken Wisenhunt hasn’t done a good job–he has.  He has helped to reform a losing culture in Arizona.  And certainly, quarterback Matt Leinart hasn’t worked out just yet, but there’s no doubt that Dennis Green needs some appreciation for what’s happening in Arizona.  He helped stock that team with talent–we certainly know he has an eye for talent from his days in Minnesota.  Though he’ll always be famous for his rant after the Sunday Night loss to the Chicago Bears in 2006, Green deserves to get some due respect for the Cardinals’ ability to turn around their 2008 season.

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