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NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix

Due to the fact it’s NBA all-star weekend, we got to give you a showcase of some of the best performances on the big stage. From the 3-point contest to the slam dunk competition; the weekend remains to be one of the most exciting all-star weekends in sports. Phoenix will host the festivities and we should probably expect someone to get arrested on a drunk driving charge.  Maybe carrying a concealed weapon charges and possibly beating up or refusing to pay a stripper. After all it is the NBA, anything is possible! Not much else to do in Arizona.

Larry Legend…always a showstopper!

One of the best dunk contests ever…MJ and Nique. Who knew he’d become such a great GM for the Bobcats…oh wait.


And let’s top it off with a little dance off…look at the big fella move!!

Enjoy the festivities

Friday, Feb. 13

7pm ET: NBA Celebrity Game (ESPN)
9pm ET: Rookie Challenge Game (TNT)
9:15 p.m. ET: D-League Skills Competition

Saturday, Feb. 14
4pm ET: D-League All-Star game (NBA TV)
5pm-7pm ET: Inside the NBA, HORSE game (TNT)
8pm ET: NBA All-Star Saturday Night (TNT)
Shooting Stars TNT
Skills Challenge TNT
Three-Point Shootout TNT
Slam Dunk Contest TNT

Sunday, Feb. 15
8PM: 58th NBA All-Star Game TNT


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Anything is Possible?

Celtics struggling

Celtics struggling

I’m not going to do what everybody wants me to do and just FREAK OUT! No, I’ll keep my cool and even though the Celtics have lost 6 of 8 games against inferior teams on back-to-back nights, it will all be OK. Anyone? I mean if it’s possible for the Real World to break yet another barrier and have a Transgender person (?!?) in a house with now 8 strangers, anything is possible. If Led Zeppelin can go on tour without Robert Plant and still possibly call themselves Led Zeppelin, anything is possible. If an 8-8 team can make the playoffs over an 11-5 team in the NFL, sadly, anything is possible.

The Celtics appear to have transformed into that mediocre, inconsistent team that was pre-big three. Maybe the fatigue from the other teams bringing their playoff-like mentality to every match up has drained their energy. The Celtics don’t appear to be attacking well and turnovers continue to be a problem as they are now ranked last in the league. But this team revolves around defense and currently is not getting the job done. Against a hurt Rockets team, some simple errors of running below screens to missing box-outs were happening all night. It’s back to fundamentals for the Celtics and that starts with tightening up that defense and creating turnovers. They can possibly consider bringing up their rookies from the D-League to add a much-needed spark. Any change to the current form will be good. No reason for Lakers fans to get excited, the chart below shows such trends tend to happen to teams with extended win streaks like the Celtics had this season.

Longest Win Streaks In League History (*won NBA title)
Year Team Wins Following the Streak
1971-72 Lakers* 33 Lost 4 of 6
2007-08 Rockets 22 Lost 5 of 8
1970-71 Bucks* 20 Lost 5 of 6
2008-09 Celtics 19 Lost 6 of 8
1999-00 Lakers* 19 Won 11 of 12

With an All-star break soon approaching, I will not be voting for any Celtics players to allow them to rest up for the second half of the season. A big game on Friday night versus Lebron and the Cavaliers will give a good indication of what this team is capable of. Worst case, they will exploit exactly what Boston needs to improve on. They were coasting through the regular season at this time last year but maybe this season’s challenge will provide another test of grit for this weathered team. I won’t mention the playoffs or a repeat but then again, anything is possible!


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NBA News sponsored by Chris Paul’s Pits?

Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Has anyone seen the new Chris Paul Right Guard commercial where only his lips move on his frozen picture? The commercial for Right Guard continues to get more disturbing as they claim themselves as “the official sponsor of Chris Paul’s pits”. Personally, we know what deodorant is for. There’s no need to sponsor someone’s pits or even highlight the pit region. I always thought that was an area of the body that we knew existed but never focused our direct advertising towards. I’ll compare it to Gold Bond coming out with an ad campaign that features Julio Lugo scratching his balls then using Gold Bond to soothe the pain. Gold Bond, official sponsor of Julio Lugo’s cantaloupe balls. Yeah, I went there. Let’s keep the pits and balls off our TV screens, for the kids sake of course.

And now some NBA news:

The Celtics end their West Coast trip 1-3, leaving a lot of questions about their bench depth.

Lebron and D-Wade went at it last night in a matchup of the top two MVP candidates. Lebron put up 38 pts but D-Wade had 21 pts and 12 assists in the upset over the Cavs. (Lebron’s record on his birthday 0-3)

Sir Charles Barkley was arrested then released on suspicion of DUI Wednesday morning. Story says he drove through a stop sign in Arizona and was pulled over immediately after. He refused the breathalyzer but was given a blood test. Maybe Chuck should have put a taxi’s number in his fave five.

The Houston Rockets have signed Dikembe Mutombo for the remainder of the season. No big surprise here with all the injuries plaguing the Rockets. He is now the oldest NBA player in the league and continues to hold the best catch phrase at the clubs; “Who wants to sex Mutombo!”. Nice to see him back.

Baron Davis does not want to leave the misery that is the Clippers. The rumor began when Stephen Jackson spoke earlier this week about sitting down with Davis. He claims Davis wants to rejoin the Warriors and misses playing with old friend Jackson. Baron can thank Stephen for blowing up his spot in LA and letting the media feast on this story. Now Davis denies all these claims and says he is not jumping ship on the LA ride called the Titanic. It’s a feeling out process, but it’s still a process.

Have a Happy New Year!


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Ragin’s Fav Five Hoop Commercials

With the new year approaching and a SLOW work week, I present the best five NBA commercials of my time. I threw in a lot of old school commercials with some new flavor as well. Jordan was the king but we gave Lebron some love. Rank these commercials yourself. Let me know what you think.

Michael Jordan — Gatorade

The song alone deserves a Grammy. It always get’s me amped up…sometimes I dream!

Jordan vs. Bird — McDonald’s

Classic commercial, had to throw in the legend Larry Bird. I’m suddenly hungry.

Lebron — Nike

Even though I’m not his biggest fan, commercial was solid.

Michael Jordan — Nike

Slow Motion MJ, that’s the only time you could catch his moves.

Lil Penny and Gheorghe Muresan — ESPN



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Smack right between the Cheeks


The 76ers fired head coach Maurice “I ain’t so rosy” Cheeks this past Saturday. The lackluster Philly squad had lost 8 of their last 10 with a record of 9-14 under Cheeks so the blame goes to the coach. I understand the technique is widely used to shake things up and inspire the uninspired (Elton and friends, in this case)  because they didn’t produce. Now, the big name free agent pickup hasn’t meshed well with this team and is averaging a career low in points (15.9), while his counterparts haven’t established an offensive game plan to work with Brand. At the end of last season, I was a little worried for my hometown C’s to maybe be contested in the east by someone other than “Clap the powder” Lebron and Co. Iguodala was flying high in the transition game as well as in the playoffs, pushing Detroit to the limit with Miller managing games well enough to be a threat. This year, the team is dealing with a new offensive presence down low and, in turn, learning a new offense. This could be the reason for the struggles, but this is another case of “rid the coach, right the ship.” They pulled the trigger on Cheeks way too early in the season, setting them back even further than before. In the past few years, they’ve started slow and put it together down the season, but the front office couldn’t wait. Tony Dileo took over as head coach and came out to boos from Philly fans Saturday night, but he did pull off a W. Maybe traitor Brand just needed another fresh start.

Cheeks was the 5th coach fired this season along with the Randy Wittman from the Twolves.W hen Minnesota fired him, you could hear Pitino screaming, “Larry Bird ain’t walking through that door, Kevin Mchale ain’t walking!” Wait a second here. Maybe Pitino was wrong. Only time will tell. Philly can only hope Dileo brings back 76er pride or else they’ll be waiting for Sir Charles to come stomping through.


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