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Kung Pau and Co. beat Boston

I guess this is the part in the movie “Old School” where Frank the Tank gets picked up by his wife as he’s streaking down through the quad and then to the gymnasium.  The streak has ended. Who were we kidding pushing a Celtics at Lakers showdown on Christmas Day. This especially after the Celtics had won 19 straight; the best start in NBA history. I mean, we got so confident that we let Kobe and the Lakers starters work our bench into the same dirt they buried “Blue” in. The Lakers outran and outworked the Celtics in every aspect of the game. Ariza made enough plays to change the tempo while their defense contained any runs the Celtics were throwing back. Enough that the Celtics were buried before they even had a chance to look competitive.
Pau Gasol helped the Lakers beat the Celtics on Christmas night.

Pau Gasol (20 pts.) helped the Lakers beat the Celtics 92-83 on Christmas night.

Then there’s the final three minutes where they let the Jurassic Park ostrich, the lanky ass Pau Gasol, dominate with ease. Kobe played and scored for 45 minutes, the last three belonged to Kung Pau. The Celtic defense looked confused and off balance all day. They couldn’t penetrate to the hoop and really never got into a consistent offense. Two free throws going into half didn’t help the cause and made the laidback Lakers look heroic. Turnovers killed them and Tony Allen’s presence really drove me mad. He’s the type of guy who drives with speed then eventually crashes off a bridge and lands on some guy named Cheeeeeze!

Let’s face it, the Lakers played good enough to win. It was not the smoothest game but they pulled it off. But let’s remember what happens in this time of season. During these times called the holidays, an NBA player is summoned away from his family. Forced to travel cross country and leave his kids behind on the day they open their presents. Johnny got a new red truck. Where’s daddy when he’s opening his presents? Well folks, he was traveling to LA to entertain the millions watching at home. Maybe that’s why the streak ended. Maybe that’s why they looked so damn sloppy. Christmas is a time for family and friends…let’s think about that. 

Alright that last paragraph was all BS, let’s just forget it and call it “dust in the wind.”  Got to go finish my Magic and Kobe interview, truly compelling stuff!

They can’t win EVERY game. 


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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho

Twas the week before Christmas so grab your salt shakers,
No NBA team was challenging Boston,
Not even Kobe and the Lakers.
All the banners are hung In the Garden with care,
In the hope Red is watching and the 18th will appear.
KG and the Truth, Perk, Rondo and Ray,
15 in a row, what a sun shiny day!

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
King James in the east with a bench who did more than cheer,
They picked up a point guard and I picked up a glass,
I would love for Perkins to beat Varejao’s ass.
But they’ve learned to play defense so will it all last,
Maybe bring the Celtics a challenge like one of year’s past,

Now the Lakers start is what everyone expected,
Oh they’ll win it all, with Bynum uncontested?
But just wait and see when their true colors are showing,
Their Euro players at the disco with their whistles a blowing.
So while Odom and Luke are enjoying the sun,
Toughness remains a question but no denying their run.

So there’s the top 3 and the pot still stirs,
The Magic, Mavs, Nuggets and the still mighty Spurs.
6 coaches now fired and trades yet to be working,
Only Chauncey and the Nuggnutts truly been lurking.
So if you got a ten piece now don’t be Stingy,
After all it’s christmas season, drink booze and binge!

Down the chimney he came with a leap and a bound,
But went straight to work with not even a sound.
He ate all his cookies and none went to waste…,
And as I remember he yelled out…”Kobe how’s my ass taste!”

Spread the cheer, have a beer!


Test out your NBA Trivia!

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