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Dropping the Puck!



So… the brew crew and I went off to the TD Banknorth Garden last night to watch the Bruins/Maple Leafs face off for a high flying affair. We walked in right as they dropped the puck but got stuck in the beer line. Suddenly, the siren went off and by the time we reached our seats, two goals had been scored. We’re running to our section, two beers in hand and sit in the only spot a true fan can – center ice, last row in the balcony. The only spot you can yell crude remarks at Toronto fans; sit crammed next to a 250 pound “Joe the Plumber” and see the whole Garden at work. I missed the first 5 goals of the Bruins due to bathroom breaks and beer line backup. You can’t make this stuff up but that’s the beauty of a hockey game. Games are so fast paced and exciting and the NHL has been quickly coming back to life. Maybe I’m just drinking the Bruins Kool-Aid, and other parts of the country still ignore their teams, but you better believe it tastes good. This game of puck had everything you wanted – 13 goals, 4 fights, 4 different goalies, a hat trick, our buddies on the jumbotron, broken glass, beer line altercations and a Bruins victory.

Today’s NHL has the San Jose Sharks off to an amazing start at 25-4-3 and the Bruins are streaking at 22-5-4 winning 12 straight at home. Rounding off the top six teams are Detroit, Chicago, Washington and New Jersey who are also looking aggressive early on. The standings show the original six franchises making a competitive comeback and a flashback to the true nest of hockey lore. With exciting young stars like Ovechkin, Kessel and Crosby busting out, we can only expect more thrills to follow. I’m not going to lie. I was far from enjoying hockey for the last few years but I missed it. Where else can players talk at a face off about fighting each other and then 10 seconds later drop gloves and go at it. Speed, checking, kick save and a beauty! It brings me back to the golden days of hockey and I’m hoping a rebirth occurs because it’s faster and better than ever.

Now the Bruins won 8-5, I tossed my hat on the ice for Krejci’s hat trick celebration (not really but that makes the story better) and ended up forgetting where we parked. We got lost driving back; came home hungry, tired and having to work early that next morning. Let me tell you, it was all worth it and I can’t wait to go again. Long live hockey! Here we go Bruins here we go!


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