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Bryant gets Bulldogged by NJIT?

If you haven’t heard, the New Jersey Institute of Technology snapped a 51-game losing streak Wednesday night beating the Bulldogs from Bryant. NJIT held the longest losing streak in the NCAA for a team playing a D-1 schedule. This team had not won a game since 2007 and they were celebrating like Marisa Tomei was giving them all lap dances. Coach Jim Engles said, “We deserve this. We deserve to win most of our games, because we work so hard every game. The kids never quit. I’m really happy for them,” Yeah you really deserve it, congratulations you are now 1-18.

Bulldogs help snap 51-game losing streak

Bulldogs help snap 51-game losing streak

Now this story hits real close to home. Being an alumni of the Bryant Bulldogs I received about 12 emails with the same sarcastic wit. They ranged from:

“How bout them Bulldogs”, “That can’t be good for business”, “Bulldogs, more like peeing Poodles” and finally “NJIT beat Bryant? Who the F*** cares!”

First of all, we’re in the rebuilding process. We’ve just become a University and starting playing division 1 schools. I mean we only lost to Maryland by 19 points. Now that’s something we can work on. The sky is the limit, we can only get better from here. Alright, enough with the clichés, I had to get down to the source of it all. So I made a phone call to a friend we once called the Prince of Pawtucket. An alumni of Bryant who not only played hoops but moved like a graceful Acie Earl. His name was Georgie “High Tops”. Since he lived in Rhode Island, I figured he’d have the scoop of what actually went down Wednesday night.

George was out eating some baklava down in Pawtucket when I disturbed him. He quickly turned to code language once I addressed the issue of the Bryant loss. He said, “Yeah I know what went down, it was a business thing.” A business thing…what do you mean? “They paid off the President of Bryant, Bulldogs being a business school…we took a dive.” And there it was. Now it all makes sense. Being new to Division 1, we are paying our dues even if that means giving the worst team in the country a victory. I knew Bryant made dreams happen but never the impossible come true. This compares to the time Barack Obama walked on water in D.C., if you can dream it you can do it. So don’t worry fellow Bryant alumni’s, we’ve only just begun to bring the terror to the D-1 basketball. Remember, anything is possible.

*Bryant President told me to go screw and never call him again when questioned, story probably not true.

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Ram Jam!

thewrestlerposterxh5I caught an 8:30 showing of ‘The Wrestler’ last night and it blew me away. Not only because of the Marisa Tomei nude scenes in which she plays a stripper, but Mickey Rourke’s acting was phenomenal. Rourke does more grunting throughout the movie than a Serena Williams tennis match but with good reason. He plays Randy “The Ram” Robinson, an aged wrestler who after 20 years in the ring has fallen from greatness. He now wrestles at local gymnasiums fighting to get back to the top. Living in a trailer and working for minimal cash while wrestling, it remains to be the only career and life he knows. The movie progresses through “The Ram’s” ups and downs giving a behind the scenes look at what a wrestler’s body goes through. Rourke performed all the stunts and took the beatings(staple gun match that’s painful to watch). ‘The Wrestler’ shows the progression of Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson’s life and captures the sadness and grit of that lifestyle. Great cast from Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood. Check it out, definitely not just a sports movie and worth the watch.

The movie left me with the question, what is life after wrestling for a wrestler? The Rock was one of the lucky ones with an acting career. There are more than some who experimented with steroids and other drugs who are now left beaten, bruised and scarred for life. The amount of wrestling death’s each year has skyrocketed with little notice. They range from heart attacks, overdoses, suicides and even accidents in the ring. The wear and tear wrestlers go through night in and night out for our entertainment is unimaginable. All that’s left is their legacy and signing appearances at local rec centers. Now I understand why Shawn Michaels and even Ric Flair are still in the game. It’s the only world they know.

Now after all that here’s a clip of some of the worst mistakes/injuries in wrestling.

Ram JAM!!

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