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Joe Paterno Just Won’t Go

Coaching Til 90?

Coaching Til 90?

Penn State extended Joe Paterno’s contract for another three years for some odd reason.  If Joe Pa fulfills the contract he will have spent 62 years on Penn State’s staff and an amazing 46 years as head coach.  That’s all fine and dandy if you’re into lore and legend, but the FlyMaster is about reality.  Sure, Paterno’s record speaks for itself and his impact on college football cannot be denied, but are we really to believe that a man in his mid-eighties is in the prime of his coaching career?  Look around your office.  If your boss went to elementary school with Moses and Methusalah would you really think the business was in the best hands? 

The problem Penn State faces is understandable.  Nobody wants to be the guy who denied Joe Pa leaving on his own terms, but extending his contract wasn’t the answer.   The team has won 40 games over the past 4 seasons, which is completely respectable.  Once again, is the future of your program secure in the hands of a man who’s been in control since the Johnson Administration? 

The decision to extend Joe Pa, coupled with Florida State’s continual support of Bobby Bowden brings up another troubling trend in college football.   When the 2009 season kicks off there will be almost as many octegenarian coaches (2) as there are African-American coaches (3).  That is ridiculously inappropriate and unacceptable.  Once again, I’m all for giving everyone the right to work, but when a disproportionate percentage of players are African-American there should be a higher number of coaches, athletic directors, and staff members.  Again, remind me…how many 80 year old players are there on the field.  Oh yeah…none.

Back to Joe Pa.  We complain when players hold on to long, ie Michael Jordan and any boxer, but we won’t say no to a coach who holds on to long?  When will the public say, “ok Joe thanks, but enough is enough”?  Will it be when Joe Pa and Bobby B meet on the field riding their Rascal Scooters after a game is finished?  Will it be when Joe Pa’s halftime speeches refer to “The Great War” and the brilliance Jim Thorpe displayed when they lined up against each other.  Will it be when he gets doused in Metamucil and ovaltine after defeating Ohio State.  When will the end come?  Obviously, Penn State doesn’t see the end anywhere in the near future.  Good luck Joe Pa.

FlyMaster Signing Off…For Now!

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