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Super Bowl MVP…Rod Tidwell???

Meet Tidwell, the new Boldin

Often times movies take place in the past, depicting a different time than the one we know now. Other films make statements about society as it exists currently. There is even plenty of cinema which places us years in the future with promises of flying cars or world ending issues. Very few movies however, make predictions which actually come true. That being said, when Cameron Crowe wrote and directed “Jerry Maguire” in 1996 he must have been listening to the “Power of Love” while cruising into 2008 proud of his flux capacitor, because Anquan Boldin is in his movie…. Crowe simply changed his name to Rod Tidwell. I know your mind has already been blown, however I will outline the ridiculous similarities for any nay-sayers that may be left out there (Hey nay-sayers, “help me, help you”). We’ll start with the obvious: both Anquan Boldin and Rod Tidwell play wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Both Boldin and Tidwell are disgruntled by their respective contracts that each believes to be far inferior to that of his teammates. In Boldin’s case specifically, with two years and just under six million dollars left on his current contract (he signed a four year extension in 2005 for 22.67 million) he wants something closer to Larry Fitzgerald’s four year, forty million dollar deal he signed this past March. Both players are playing to prove they deserve the contracts they are requesting, and while playing incredibly hard for said contracts each takes a crazy hit in the endzone by multiple players from the opposite team which threatens to end his career. Both players come back much faster than immediately expected, with Tidwell eventually getting up a few minutes later, and Boldin only missing two games despite predictions by doctors that he would miss much more time. The similarities between the courage, strength, and athleticism of these two strong African American athletes cannot be denied and should not be ignored. If Cameron Crowe was able to put Anquan Boldin on the big screen in 1996, shouldn’t we at least ask him when he thinks this economic crisis might end? President Obama should invite him into the oval office, hear what he has to say and then tell him, “You had me from hello.” I’m just sayin, the man has some way of seeing into the future… of this I am sure. In closing I have a word of advise for Mr. Boldin; fire your agent, call up Tom Cruise and offer him a job. Then, when you help lead your team to their first ever world championship, get on the podium, grab the mike, and yell “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” Tom will take care of the rest. Oh yeah, and in case any of ya’ll forgot, Rod Tidwell has a word meaning love, respect, community, and MONEY……….. it’s “quan”…

StatDragon out.

p.s. LadyDragon….. “You complete me”

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