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NFL Makes An MLB Move

Fresh off the most exciting final weekend in recent NFL history, the NFL brass couldn’t sit back and enjoy the success.  Nope, instead of congratulating themselves at Monday morning meetings and beginning the propaganda brigade for the postseason, the NFL announced that the 2010 Pro Bowl will be played in between the 2010 Conference Championships and the 2010 Super Bowl

Youre Better Than MLB

You're Better Than MLB

The NFL Pro Bowl is already the most irrelevant of all the all-star games because it is played after the season, many players don’t attend, and the games are more like glorified scrimmages, but moving it in between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl isn’t going to fix anything. 

From a ratings and marketing perspective the new schedule will probably boost ratings slightly.  However, the problem with the schedule change will probably result in fewer high-caliber players attending.  For instance, what happens if 10 players from the teams participating in the 2010 Super Bowl are elected to the Pro Bowl?  Will their teams allow players to play in the Pro Bowl if they’re playing the Super Bowl the following week?  The answer is no way.  The Pro Bowl has constantly put the NFL in a bind, but it’s never been a hindrance.  Moving the Pro Bowl could make the Pro Bowl more of a nuisance than an anticlimactic end to the best seasonal sport around.  Instead of living with the inherent design flaws, the NFL put on it’s Bud Selig hat and decided to tinker.  Ask MLB how good tinkering works out.  From no salary cap, to all-star game foibles, to the PED problem, the MLB has mastered the art of amplifying  little problems into larger ones.  Note to Roger Goodell.  Take a look down Park Avenue at your friends at the MLB and don’t follow their lead.  Keep the NFL as is.  You’re doing just fine.  Or did you not watch the week 17 action?

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