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A Roll of the Dice (StatDragon’s Picks to Beating Vegas Weekend of Dec. 13)

Follow StatDragons advice to beating Vegas this week.

Follow StatDragons advice to beating Vegas this week.

I re-watched Rounders ( best Vegas movie ever) last night and it made me homesick for Clark County, Nevada. Well, I guess, “homesick” isn’t the correct terminology, but god***n it sure made me want to win some money. Right as I was about to put my credit card down on, I came to the impeteous realization that my poker carrer, to date, is about as sucessful as Ryan Leaf’s NFL career. Bummer. Mom, if you are reading this, send rent immediately.

Then I said to myself, “Hey StatDragon (yes I do call myself that…and I am close at getting my girlfriend to as well), you certainly are the fountain of sports knowledge, why not throw down a parlay for the weekend and make some fresh dough off a few NFL victories?”  And here’s what I came up with:

Pick 3: New York Jets over Buffalo

It’s not easy to pick the Jets with confidence, especially after they looked pathetic this past week against San Francisco, and just as bad the week before against Denver. That said, they are now tied with New England and Miami for the division lead, and it’s now or never for them. Can you think of a better now-or-never man than Brett Favre? The Jets will come into this division matchup fired up and ready to go—and will pound a floundering Bills squad. Yes, the Bills do have “beast mode” Marshawn Lynch, but keep in mind that Lynch really has only gone into “beast mode” twice this season (one of those outings against a pathetic Brown’s D)

Pick 2: Indianapolis over Detroit

There simply is nothing to be said here. Daunte Culpepper might not be able to play, and to compare the Vikings offense to the Colts offense would be a travesty. Detroit could not stop Tarvaris Jackson (the man benched earlier this season for 37-year-old journeyman Gus Frerotte) from marching down the field. How do they expect to stop a blazing hot Colts team? The Colts are riding the hot handed Peyton Manning who could put up 4TDs this week as easily as Wilt Chamberlain got laid in the 60’s

Pick 1: Philadelphia over Cleveland

Cleveland defense is inept. Ken Dorsey is starting his 11th game in 6 years. And the Eagles need 3 wins to make the playoffs. Picking Philly here, is like choosing to watch The Godfather over Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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