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No Fun League Charges for Snowball Fight

When the NFL warns you about fan contact at the beginning of the season – Do your team a favor and listen. New York Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis was hit with a $10,000 fine after throwing snow at Seattle fans last Sunday. Though I don’t blame him, I would’ve thrown snow at pesky fans as well if I was being aimed at like a pop can.

Seattle Winter Storm

Seattle Winter Storm

Here’s the breakdown: Over the course of the game, Seattle fans threw snowballs at Jets players and even more so once they defeated them 13-3. There was no intervention by security to oversee the safety of athletes and the snow they were throwing was rock solid. Trust me, I’m in the Northwest for the holidays and falling on your @$$ isn’t like landing on a waterbed…Imagine snow pellets coming at your face like shoes in an Iraqi conference with GW.

So if hundreds of fans are throwing snow at you, would you not play along? Apparently you shouldn’t. Ellis thought it was fun and games returning snowballs while walking into the locker room, but the NFL said a crowd-controlling action such as that posed potential injury to fans and should’ve been avoided.

What about the safety of NFL players? It’s several fans vs. one player and you’re worried about their safety? I would’ve gone to the locker room, changed and comeback with yellow snow to throw. If anything, the NFL should question why security didn’t intervene and stop fans from throwing balls. Were they all just happy that they won their fourth game? ‘Cuz winning four games isn’t going to do much for their team. You didn’t win the Superbowl, let alone make playoffs.

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