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Deuce Is Done In ‘Big Easy’


Deuce Leaves the Big Easy Today

Deuce Leaves the Big Easy Today

You know how the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” The statement could not be more appropo for Deuce McAllister today. McAllister was released from the New Orleans Saints as the organization is trying to cut numbers to get under the $123 M salary cap for 2009. With the emergence of Pierre Thomas who compliments and aides All Star running-back Reggie Bush, The Saints felt it was better to part ways with Deuce who would be owed $5 M in the fall. 


In a press conference, Deuce acknowledged that although he has battled injuries recently, he still hopes and expects to find a pivotal role in the backfield for another team. He acknowledged that more than money, he desires to find a new home where his talent can be used more. 

However, McAllister can’t begin to think that a 31 year old recovering from arthroscopic surgery on his left knee and a history of injury will command tons of attention in the free agent market, let alone find a deal where he will be making much more that $5M/ year. 

I like Deuce. I think he’s a cool cat and has done a lot for The Saints. The StatDragon is not about to throw McAllister in the line of blog-bashing. However, I have a hard time believing that he will find a “starting” role ANYWHERE. With the emergence of talented young running backs in the NFL, the pool is full. And with interesting prospects entering the NFL Draft this spring, there is NO reason any team will take a leap of faith on Deuce. At best, I believe he could find a 2 year/ $ 9 M contract in other city backing up a young blue chip. Theoretically, he could stand behind Matt Forte in Chicago taking some 3rd down situations off his hands, filling in as a blocking back during the pass. Of course, now McAllister has to compete with Fred Taylor in the moss-back section of free agency. 

Deuce, the StatDragon wishes you a speedy recovery and the best of luck in finding a new home. Please just stay the hell away from San Francisco. 

Holler Back. StatDragon

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A-Rod Admits He Juiced

“When I arrived in Texas in 2001, I felt an enormous amount of pressure, I felt like I had all the weight of the world on top of me and I needed to perform, and perform at a high level every day,” Rodriguez told ESPN’s Peter Gammons in an exclusive interview held today.

Add another to the Mitchell Report

Add another to the Mitchell Report

“Back then, [baseball] was a different culture,” claims A-Rod. “It was very loose. I was young, I was stupid, I was naive. And I wanted to prove to everyone that I was worth being one of the greatest players of all time I did take a banned substance. And for that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful.”

Alex Rodriguez’s admission is politically well-timed, as it comes 48 hours after Sports Illustrated confirmed A-Rod was apart of the 100 plus MLB players who tested positive for illegal substances in 2003.

In true fashion of professional athletes who are found guilty of such treachery, Rodriquez claimed that he did NOT know what exactly he was taking at the time. I find this bypassing comment to resemble former President Clinton’s “I never inhaled,” excuse. Look Alex, whether or not you knew the exact NAME of the drugs you were consuming, you still knew you were doing something wrong.

In a world where the economy is faltering, people are losing their jobs and familes are being put on the streets, Alex Rodriguez has enjoyed the fruits of the largest contract in MLB history ( $252 M ). He was able to attain this astronomical salary through the aide of illegal drugs and for that he should feel regretful.

A-Rod alleges that he only took anabolic steroids during a few years with the Texas Rangers and that he has remained clean for his career in New York. I suppose that it’s just a matter time until this lie is revealed to us as well.

To view the exclusive interview click here to watch it at the emerging leader in sports games and news.

And THAT’S what the StatDragon is breathing fire about!

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“Show Me The Money”


Tired of Arizona

Tired of Arizona

Anquan Boldin may have played his last game in Arizona. Well, at least it was the Super Bowl…

Boldin was quoted Friday in USA Today, “I don’t think the relationship can be repaired with the organization. It takes more than, ‘Well, we did you wrong and we’ll pay you this.’ It’s not about the money. It was always about the principle, guys being true to their word. I guess I was expected to uphold my end of the bargain, and it wasn’t reciprocated.”

Team president, Michael Bidwell claims that the Cardinal organization has continually been working with Boldin and agent Rosenhouse to restructure and, even, extend Anquan’s contract. Teammate Larry Fitzgerald has even offered to have his own contract restructured and lessened in order to facilitate the possibility of retaining Boldin.

However, all this probably won’t be “enough” for Anquan. He seems determined to leave Arizona in search of something new.  Given Boldin’s selfish mentality he may find a better fit in a organization that has winning qualities yet vacancies at the “star” wideout position. Or he, simply, may choose to go anywhere that will “Show him the money!!”

StatDragon thinks that the 49ers, Eagles and the Bucs are all interesting options as teams that have quite a bit of money to play with in the off-season and who could greatly benefit from a blue chip receiver on their team. Could Mr. Boldin become a proud member of one of these franchises? I guess we will have to see what develops through the spring…

And THAT’s what the StatDragon is breathing fire about!

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Leaving Kansas City?

Larry Johnson wants out of Kansas City… well, so does everyone in Missouri…

LJ Wants Out...

LJ Wants Out...

In a radio conference held yesterday, Johnson claimed “my departure would allow the Chiefs to find what they want and I can go on and try to rebuild my career and find what I want.”

But what do you want Mr. Johnson? You will be 30 years old next season, which hardly makes you the age in which a team is bound to offer you a huge multi-year deal and build their franchise around you. Given great health you may have 3 years left in the tank and your behavioral track record hasn’t proven that you are capable of becoming a beacon of morality and responsibility (note: your 4 arrests since 2003).

I’ll tell you what hurts you also. The emergence of the effective rookie running back. Players such as Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Steve Slaton and Adrian Peterson have all pioneered respect for rookies in the league and shown viability to be just as productive in their first season as many blue chip running backs in their 3rd or 4th seasons.

So why would a franchise want to invest in you? And where do you think you would find a starting job? I have never seen the amount of talent at the running back position across the board in the NFL like there is right now. I’d venture to say 90% of teams in the league are perfectly content with who they have in the backfield. The Philadelphia Eagles may be concerned that time will run out shortly on the aging Brian Westbrook, but signing a guy only a few years younger (you) isn’t the solution. The Eagles will likely go after someone like Knowsho Moreno from Georgia, or Chris Wells from Ohio St. to integrate into the system as Westbrook nears retirement.

Mr. Johnson. Here’s my suggestion. Stay in Kansas City. You know the system. The organization is starting to turn and you aren’t likely find success “rebuilding” anywhere.  Have your agent renegotiate you a better deal and clean up your act for a few more years until you are 33 and destined to retire.

And that’s what the StatDragon is breathing fire about…

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Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

Ok guys. I’ll be honest. I think this year’s Super Bowl is going to be a complete blowout. I’ll say now and I’ll say it again: I don’t think the Arizona Cardinals are a championship caliber team. To tell you the truth, I could give two sh*ts who comes away with the Lombardy, because this Sunday I’ll be watching the game for one reason…the commercials! For your viewing pleasure, StatDragon has complied his Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of all time:






Any predictions for this year? It’s always safe to bet on big dawgs of the marketing world. Something sentimental from Budweiser, something artistic and awe inspiring from Nike and something utterly ridiculous from an upcoming dot com are all safe bets. I guess we will just have to wait until Sunday!

Peace in the Middle East- StatDragon

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Super Bowl MVP…Rod Tidwell???

Meet Tidwell, the new Boldin

Often times movies take place in the past, depicting a different time than the one we know now. Other films make statements about society as it exists currently. There is even plenty of cinema which places us years in the future with promises of flying cars or world ending issues. Very few movies however, make predictions which actually come true. That being said, when Cameron Crowe wrote and directed “Jerry Maguire” in 1996 he must have been listening to the “Power of Love” while cruising into 2008 proud of his flux capacitor, because Anquan Boldin is in his movie…. Crowe simply changed his name to Rod Tidwell. I know your mind has already been blown, however I will outline the ridiculous similarities for any nay-sayers that may be left out there (Hey nay-sayers, “help me, help you”). We’ll start with the obvious: both Anquan Boldin and Rod Tidwell play wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Both Boldin and Tidwell are disgruntled by their respective contracts that each believes to be far inferior to that of his teammates. In Boldin’s case specifically, with two years and just under six million dollars left on his current contract (he signed a four year extension in 2005 for 22.67 million) he wants something closer to Larry Fitzgerald’s four year, forty million dollar deal he signed this past March. Both players are playing to prove they deserve the contracts they are requesting, and while playing incredibly hard for said contracts each takes a crazy hit in the endzone by multiple players from the opposite team which threatens to end his career. Both players come back much faster than immediately expected, with Tidwell eventually getting up a few minutes later, and Boldin only missing two games despite predictions by doctors that he would miss much more time. The similarities between the courage, strength, and athleticism of these two strong African American athletes cannot be denied and should not be ignored. If Cameron Crowe was able to put Anquan Boldin on the big screen in 1996, shouldn’t we at least ask him when he thinks this economic crisis might end? President Obama should invite him into the oval office, hear what he has to say and then tell him, “You had me from hello.” I’m just sayin, the man has some way of seeing into the future… of this I am sure. In closing I have a word of advise for Mr. Boldin; fire your agent, call up Tom Cruise and offer him a job. Then, when you help lead your team to their first ever world championship, get on the podium, grab the mike, and yell “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” Tom will take care of the rest. Oh yeah, and in case any of ya’ll forgot, Rod Tidwell has a word meaning love, respect, community, and MONEY……….. it’s “quan”…

StatDragon out.

p.s. LadyDragon….. “You complete me”

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Screw the Student Athlete, It’s Time for A Playoff!

Screw the Student Athlete, It’s Time for A Playoff

   The college football season is over, so lets go ahead and re-cue the endless debate about whether the BCS system works or whether we should have a playoff. Let me start by saying everybody who doesn’t want a playoff is a complete moron. Sorry, that’s real. These are the people who still get their porn from magazines ( fellas) and who think Lil Wayne is an insightful rapper (A Milli, A Milli, A Milli). There is really no reasoning with them.
    Of all the ridiculous arguments in favor of the BCS, my favorite is the one about how it will “compromise the academic integrity of the student athlete”. First off the other NCAA subdivisions do it and they have players who will be helping you at Best Buy next year, not playing on Sundays. But more importantly it’s not like these prestigious academic institution give two sh***s about their players academic future. According to a recent USA survey, Oklahoma graduates a whopping 46% of its football players. (Other BCS schools with stellar graduation rates include Texas 50%, Ohio State 52%, USC 54% and Utah 57%). Keep in mind that includes all the back up long snappers and white wide-receivers teams keep on the roster just to boost the collective GPA.
   Really it’s surprising that people who run a University don’t understand the definition of hypocrisy. The schools puts all this emphasis on keeping athletes academically eligible while they are on the field, but as soon as that last game is up they can all go right back to smoking weed and skipping class for all anybody cares. A wise man once told me after I got to second base with a lady friend, “If you don’t finish, it doesn’t count.” Well the same thing applies for college. Good luck telling a potential employer, “Well I spent three and half years and Miami, but I just couldn’t make it through that last semester.” You’re better off breaking out a ITT Tech certificate.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making a public plea for the NCAA and schools to crack down on their athletes. In fact I’m doing just the opposite. Look, I paid about $120,000 (thanks Dad) for 5 joyful years of college. And one of the things I want from my school is a good football team. Not a new telescope, not a professor with a Nobel Prize, I want a national championship for my parents hard earned dollars. I’d much rather have a guy that runs a 4.2 forty than somebody who can be my lab partner.
    So I propose a new plan. Treat athletes like what they are, celebrities who are being paid to attend the school and bring in dollars to the Athletic Department. If the player wants to take advantage of their scholarship and go to class, great. If not, they can earn their keep in other ways. Required hours playing intermural sports with regular students. Mandatory attendance at all fraternity parties. (Bonus points for choreographed pool dives or drunken Facebook pictures). Maybe they can even teach a class or two, can you imagine attending “Making it Rain 101” with PacMan Jones.
    It’s time eliminate the outdated facade of the “student athlete” and move one step closer to a play-off.

…And that’s what the StatDragon is breathing fire about!

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Taylor’s Injury Opens Door For MOJO in JAX

The time has come for Jacksonville Fans to bid adieu to their beloved, yet sometimes very absent halfback, Fred Taylor. The Jaguars announced today that Taylor will miss the rest of the season due to torn ligaments in his thumb. Although Fred Taylor has mounted (arguable) Hall of Fame numbers in his 11 year NFL career, the 32 year-old halfback’s job in Jacksonville may have come to an end. Plagued by injuries, Taylor has missed 25 starts in the last eight years, earning him the nickname “Fraglie Fred.” Taylor ranks 16th on the all-time rushing list with 11,271 yards.  As there have been talks though out the year that Taylor might not return to the Jags next year, the legitimacy of this rumor may have become bolstered by the recent injury. The injury in and of itself isn’t the straw to break the camel’s back, but it serves as a reminder that small market team such as Jacksonville can’t afford to keep around a 33 year old injury risk.

So what does this have to do with STATDRAGON’s Fantasy Football Advice??

Make way for Maurice Jones-Drew to join the upper eschelon of Fantasy running backs. The resilient, young, sure-handed back has already made quite a name for himself in the NFL. His 211 fantasy points this season (in a yahoo ppr league) better the likes of elite backs such as LaDainian Tomlinson, Ryan Grant and Joseph Addai who’s numbers aren’t affected by a dual-back system. Now (theoretically), give him the opportunity to carry the ball 100 (+) more per year, and you have got an absolute fantasy monster!

MJD Fantasy owners, who are still in the playoffs,  have struck gold with Fragile Fred’s seasonal departure. Jones-Drew looks at Green Bay and Indianapolis’ defense in the following two weeks who are ranked 27th and 25th, respectively.

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Faulk Me! ( Surviving Week 15 Fantasy Fotball )

Peeved girlfriends, disgruntled bosses and neglected pets REJOICE… fantasy football season is coming to an end and your loved one will become his normal self again soon.

With the last two weeks on the horizon, Zack the StatDragon lets you in on the best kept secrets in “DO’s & DON’Ts for WEEK 15

DO: FAULK ME!- Kevin Faulk ( RB- New England) has been a consistent producer this year. Yes, he is the 3rd down back for the Pats, but he has consistently served as the bailout man on the team ( we might as well nickname him the ‘Fed Reserve’ with 48 receptions out of the backfield) and has mounted only 18 less fantasy points than uber-receiver and teammate, Randy Moss. The Pats are at Oakland this week, and though the Raiders, in general, look as pretty as any female fan cheering from the “black-hole,” they are gifted with one incredible defensive back, Nnamdi Asomugha. Asomugha is a complete SHUT DOWN DB who is talented enough to take Randy Moss out of the game. This means Matt Cassel will be forced to throw a lot to (DO) Wes Welker, and out of the backfield to Faulk when the Raiders play man on man.

DO: Capitalize on NO RUNNING BACK SUPPORT IN DENVER- Jay Cutler (QB-Denver) looks to be primed for fantasy gold this week, much in juxtaposition to the Broncos themselves. Their horrific defense will easily allow Carolina to run the gauntlet all over them putting Denver behind early. Combined with having to start their 5th string running back (this guy) we should expect to see Cutler airing it out ALL DAY to ( other DO’s) wide outs Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall. The Broncos will not win this game, but you will see an impressive aerial attack.

DON’T: START ANY RB in BAL v. PITT MATCHUP-  I’m about as into Willie Parker ( RB- Pittsburgh) as I am to paying taxes. It appears that Pittsburgh has abandoned the running game, Willie Parker stinks and, oh yeah… Baltimore has allowed 3 rushing TDs ALL SEASON. Likewise, although I respect LeRon McClain and Willis McGahee, (RBs- Baltimore) touches will be shared out of the backfield and they are facing the best run defense in the NFL ( average: 73 yards per game).

DON’T:  GIVE HILL THE NOD- Shaun Hill (QB- San Francisco) has done enough to impress me this year in his past 3 starts. This week, however, he faces the 4th best defense against the pass. The Dolphins are keeping the passing game to an impressive 188 AYPG. If Hill doesn’t get in the end zone, we are looking at meager fantasy numbers here, boys.

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