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Mahk Ta-Share-ah to sign with the Red Sox?!?!

Teixera to sign with Red Sox?!?!

Teixera to sign with Red Sox?!?!

Say it with me Bostonians…Mahk Ta-Share-ah. Yes it could be true. Sources from Sons of Simmons blog have claimed that the free agent first baseman has agreed in principle to an eight-year deal for what is said to be around 170 million dollars. The slugger has been the topic of hot stove discussions with several teams reaching and battling it out to acquire Teixera. An opt-clause was not included in the deal but once again nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Hopefully he can decide sooner than later so these discussions and waiting come to an end. Having Boras as an agent definitely extends the process but will most likely land him a whopping contract. Ta-share-ah batted .308 with 33 HR’s and 121 RBI’s last season.

Now the addition of Teixera to the Sox will definitely add more power to the lineup and another all-star first baseman. He will most likely be batting between Big Papi and Youkilis in the cleanup spot. This will surely solidify a scary batting order for all American League pitching. Personally I will be happy that the drama will be over and extremely happy if the Sox win the bidding war negotiations. But with the addition, this assures the Evil Empire of making a move to acquire good friend Manny Ramirez. If you want drama you got it here. Money ain’t a thing in New York and with a new stadium and boatloads of revenue coming in, you better believe they will grab him. Talk about adding to the rivalry, Manny being Money and another star in Teixera bagged by big money baseball.
For now, this is all speculation but we will follow up as things progress. Hot stove…burning up!


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