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Forza Italia???


Now that's what Italian Soccer is all about!

According to the Daily Mail, a Serie C player only known as ‘Victory’ claims to have had sexual relations with at least 12 of Italy’s most famous footballers. He also says the players paid for sex and he waited for them after the games in hotel rooms and even changing rooms. “They just want to relax and they don’t have any problems kissing me on the mouth. But they are all terrified of being found out.” Victory goes on to say that the footballers (soccer) players are bisexual but are usually married and just scared of coming out of the closet due to the fear of how the supporters would treat them.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being gay but if you’ve ever watched an Italian League Soccer match these fans are ferocious. Fans of Roma have killed in support of their side and I can’t even imagine what a gay player coming out of the closet would turn into. But let’s get serious; no Italian players are getting favored by ‘Victory’. This has to be a French publicity stunt to steer the Italians off the championship path. Italy would hate to see another scandal in Italian soccer affect the way the league is viewed by countries all over the world. Let’s just remember what Zidane did in the 06’ World Cup and forget this nonsense. So Forza Italia, Zidane’s the devil and manga pasta!!!


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